ot...dh, dw, ds, dd, fwiw, btw, tko, etc...

rmlanzaNovember 3, 2007

Okay, I know, totally off topic (OT) but has anyone ever accidentally called their spouse DH (darling husband) or DW (darling wife) or in mid conversation with someone about kitchen remodeling refferred to yourself as TKO (totally kitchen obsessed)? Or said in passing "oh, and BTW (by the way)..." or "and FWIW (for what it's worth)...". I mean actually using the letters, not the actual phrases...OUT LOUD???!!! I mean seriously, this forum is like an illness for me. I spend WAYYYY too much time here. I was walking with my neighbor last night and actually said, "well DH and I are going to a wine party next Saturday, can you keep Ben and Sam overnight for me?". She said, "WHO?" and I didn't even catch on that I had said DH out loud! DUH! LOL!

I need a pill.

Robin (TOTALLY TKO'd!...and my kitchen is just about done!)

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Not out loud, not yet...but sometimes, when I'm writing an email for work or non-kitchen personal business (like soccer and school), I find myself using "our" acronyms! E.g., OTOH & yes, FWIW! I even made mention of my husband & kids in an email and referenced them as DH, DS, & DD. Luckily, I use spellcheck so when I send my emails my spellchecker asks me about them and I realize what I've done and I can fix them!

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Not yet either.

However, when I was at Costco yesterday, I noticed Fine Homebuilding had published their annual Kitchens and Bath issue and bought it.

What's wrong with that you ask? Well, we just moved into the dream home we built with the dream kitchen and bathrooms, and I have no plans to remodel for a long, long time.

Talk about TKO! Somebody shoot me!

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Too funny, Robin. I accidentally say DH all the time! I've been reading different forums for years, so I can't put the blame on this one, though.

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This is like that commercial about text messaging-- the one where the grandmother tells her daughter to MYOB-- she's been talking to her BFF. :-)

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Hey Lil'sis, I have done it in emails. I also find myself thinking in those terms but catching myself. I'm done with my kitchen and baths too, and now am looking at homes to rehab/remodel. I don't really want to do that!!! BUT I NEED MY FIX! I can only confess this to you all, but we looked at a 110 year old victorian the other day, and I'm not sure why. It needs a complete update. I'm losing it.

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I've haven't said DH yet, but TKO has come out of my mouth a few times.

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When I am asked if I'm a designer when I give tours of the construction site I always say, "No, not a designer, TKO" They tend to smile and assume it's some other sort of degree heh heh Little do they know.

I told a designer that when (after an extensive tour of the site and it's future, including my design boards) she said "So where did you study?" heh heh I said TKOU (and dang I wish I'd have had my TKOU sweatshirt ladies! who was in charge of printing those?)

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Yeah, who was in charge of those shirtts?

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Hey there big sis! How ya been? We got our copper sink for the powder room BTW(off e-bay!). it's sitting on top of plywood now on our new vanity cabinet and I think I'm just going to tile the countertop instead of getting granite, although we did find an awesome deal on the granite. But we have all this tile laying around so I'm thinking...why not TRY tiling it for now, since it's basically free...and if we don't like it or we have problems with the grout then we'll change it later. It's just a powder room after all!

Anyhoo, I have my eye on a 130 year old historical home in our small town. I keep looking at it on the realtor's site (DH doesn't know that though) and picturing what I could do with it. We totally can't buy another house and if we did, it certainly wouldn't be here...but it sure is fun to think about!


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I'm guilty of blurting out "STFU, noob" at people.

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On a forum board related to my professional life, the expression "PFO" ("Please f*** off") has become standard parlance there in reference to "thanks but no thanks" letters sent out following requests for auditions. "Did they send PFOs yet?" etc.

Apparently one gal called a company to check the status and only AFTER she hung up on the voicemail call did she realise she had said - to the COMPANY - "Did you send out the PFO's yet?".

Whoopsie... ;) Fortunately, the administrator who called her back didn't recognise the expression and said, "I couldn't quite understand your message..." etc and she got away with it!

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Hey Robin, Great news about the copper sink. I find because ours is inset round vessel where you have to put your hands inside the bowl, that there is almost no water splashing. I think tiling will be fine. Will yours be inset, or are you doing an undermount? If a vessel, just be careful about how the vessel sits in the hole. Our granite guys actually beveled the inset to give a nice cradle for the sink. And....... DH is really serious about that old victorian. I can't believe it. I thought I'd have to have him carted away from this incredible oceanfront. I'm Having trouble thinking about leaving my lovely, organized, clean and picturesque place. OTOH, I never stop thinking about what else I could do. That victorian would be quite a project.

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I just used DH in an email yesterday. I caught it a couple of words later, but I was just a little horrified at myself.


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I will be in big trouble if I ever actually refer to oldest daughter as DivaD1...

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