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jennJanuary 20, 2008

I had two unfinished projects in my "current projects" basket -- a grandmother's favorite dishcloth, and a scarf. Both are for my mom. The dishcloth was (to be) on size 7 needles, and the scarf on size 10. I always finish a row, or the stitch pattern formed by 1+ rows, before putting my projects in the basket to help me remember where to begin next time... therefore, each project had a loose needle with no stitches on it.

I finished the dishcloth yesterday. As I was knitting it, I noticed two things that seemed odd -- (1) I glanced at one of the needles and it was labeled size 10. Oh well, I thought I was using size 7. (2) The second half of the scarf seemed looser, and the holes around the edges bigger. Oh well, I thought, I guess I'm knitting the second half looser, though it didn't feel like that as I was knitting. (You can probably see where this is going....)

Last night I finished it. I thought it needed blocking to shape it so I did that.

Then I started putting away the supplies. I quickly found the two needles I laid aside ..... and only then did I notice ----- OMG, they don't match!!!!!! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!! How did I not notice that WHILE I was knitting!! The size 10 needle is much longer than the size 7!!!! I must be losing it!!!

When I picked up the dishcloth project to finish it yesterday, I didn't pay attention to which loose needle I picked up with it. Unbelievable. At work, I am meticulous about important details .... I guess I left that side of my brain at the office.

Sigh............. I still can't believe I didn't notice that sooner!!!! Oh well, my mom will love it and we'll both have a good laugh over it.

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For a couple of weeks in October, I was quite sick with a cold, and my eyes were infected from it too. So I spent the week making a cute afghan as a gift for a baby to be born next month. I always use no dye lot acrylic. This pattern calls for a figure in the middle of each square, so you use lots of yarn bobbins. When I had finished it, washed it, and was folding it to put away, I FINALLY noticed that the white background was shaded in odd places. Turns out that one of the whites I used was of a different dye lot. Yup, I had bought two huge skeins thinking they were no dye lot, and since my eyes were affected, just crocheted merrily along making an afghan. I ended up giving it to the local thrift store!! Grrrrrr. Now I still have to make it again using the right yarn!!

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You've made me feel so much better. All I can say is ,"join the club!!" LOL

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Hey, I'm a club member, too! :-)

But for a long time now I've used point protectors. For me, they serve a dual purpose -- they keep the stitches from slipping off the end of the needle when the project is "resting," and they keep both needles together.

I couldn't find an image online of the ones I use, but here's something that's somewhat similar:

These are really clever, too. Apparently, you can coil them around both needles to keep them together:

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I'm persistent if nothing else... I found the point protectors that I use. They're by Bryson. Bryson doesn't sell directly to the public - only to retailers. But there's a link on their web site to find stores in your area.

Anyway, I love these point protectors:

Here is a link that might be useful: Bryson Knits

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Don't feel bad Jenn, I have done the same thing. I usually only have one project going at a time now, I'm afraid I will get into the habit of starting one and then another and then not finishing anything! I just finished knitting a Bucket Hat which will be felted, but I was over halfway done with it when I noticed that I was using needles that are 3 sizes too big!! I don't know how that happened either, cause I read and reread the pattern. I thought, oh the heck with it, I'll go ahead and finish it anyways with the needles I was using. I'm hoping it will be okay, I have a big head anyway - maybe it will just fit better, if not - heck, I can use it to do chores in if anything.

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I laughed until I cried, Jenn. Are you saying you finished the dishcloth with one size 7 and one size 10? That's hilarious (sorry sorry!). It sounds like something I would do.

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Hey everyone, I'm glad I'm not the only one to do these loony things. Yes, Socks, I used one size 7 and one size 10, but only on the second half... the first half was with two size 7 needles, so you can just imagine the poor misshapen dishcloth when it was finished! I blocked it first before I knew about the different needles and I couldn't figure out why I couldn't block it into a nice square. LOL!!

Linsey, I love those point protectors and the curly things to keep the needles together!

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Oh, Jenn, you are not alone. I'm notorious for doing this with a hat pattern that I have but not because I've set the project down and then picked it up later with a different needle. Instead, the pattern calls for the first 2.5 inches done in ribbing with size 7 needles. Then you change to size 10 needles to finish the crown part of the hat. Well, I usually remember to change the first needle to size 10, but then forget to put the second size 7 down and pick up the size 10 when I finish the first row. I can't tell you how many times I've done that. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to make too much of a difference; I equate it to knitting with a size 8.5 needle!

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I have done that too, Kelona. I usually catch on in a couple of rows and just switch the needle with no damage done.

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