becomming a Sock addict--new methods?

Vickey__MNJanuary 12, 2009

Okay I'm really becomming a sock addict, LOVE knitting socks. Some day I'll knit some for myself, once the kids stop asking for some! Anyway I've got it down working with 3 & 4 DPN's (or should I say 4&5) anyway, I bought 2, #2 circular's to try that, but need directions, can't find any, and know there are TONS out there. I also want to try TOE UP. I have the yarn (Fingerling, got about 10+ skeins given to me, what a gift!), if anyone can find me links I would be forever greatful!!!


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here's a link I posted for someone else the other day - you may find something here you like

Here is a link that might be useful: Mary's Socks

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HI Vickey! I use one long size 2 circular, usually about 40", and knit socks with the magic loop method. I don't have time right now to search for a link for you, but google "knitting magic loop method" and you should get some hits with directions, even pictures. If not, let me know and I'll find it for you, but I need to leave the house in the next few minutes, shouldn't even be on here!

And by the way, the kids will NEVER stop asking for socks. You just have to tell them this pair is YOURS! DH asks every time I start a pair if they are for him!


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Have you created your 'own' by using various different stitches? That's what I do...I use E Z's pattern for the basics....heel flap, toe, etc, but never use the same stitch twice when knitting them....I have a great book that contains hundreds of different knitting stitches...lots of laces and different ribs.. so that's where I find things to try. Sometimes I use the stitch on the whole sock front down to the toe and sometimes I just do 5 or 6 of the stitches in a strip, from where I begin the flap, then down the middle of the front to the toes....I've done toe socks (just like mittens or gloves), and even toeless stocks (with the Patton stretch sock yarn) for my daughter to wear with thongs. You can come up with a million different ideas with a knitting stitches book! I enjoy 'pouring' over it, looking and planning. This seems to be my 'sock winter', too!

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Hi I'm Rebecca, and I'm a sock addict!

Here is a good website showing socks on two circulars.
two circular socks top down

Here is one for a toe up cast on that is seamless using two circulars.
magic cast on for toe up socks

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