Help - Braised Chicken With Honey?

johnliu_gwMarch 21, 2012

Tonight I am supposed to make a braised chicken dish using honey and, maybe, milk, or perhaps, mustard.

If anyone might just happen to have a suitable recipe ready to post in the next 30 minutes or however long it takes for this bird to defrost . . . :-)

Otherwise I will guess at something and post the resultant mess here for your amusement.

Why? SWMBO wanted to decide on our week's dinners ahead of time, so that we'd be organized. So on Monday I texted her this menu, and it is what I am committed to:

"Monday: white fish like tilapia (spicy pork meatballs for kids), limes, brussell sprouts, Spanish rice.

Tuesday: protein burgers, asparagus.

Wednesday: chicken braised in milk and honey, roast potatoes, beans.

Thursday: pork broiled with miso sauce, vinegared vegetables, miso ramen

Friday: sake-simmered tuna (Korean short ribs for kids), vegetable salad."

Had the tilapia, had the burgers, now the chicken.

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Can't help with chicken, but just curious. Why it is always something else, not fish, for kids? My daughter was always crazy about tilapia (as well as othet fish) even when she was a toddler. She still likes it now.

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I have often baked chicken with honey and fresh lime on the top....
No milk in that though.

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The kids don't like fish, yet, although one wil eat shrimp and calamari, and the other one took a bite of tilapia which apparently sent her into a grand mal seizure of the teenaged girl kind.

Well, we just wunged it. Cut up chicken, salted the pieces, set them aside. Boiled potatoes in chicken stock. Mixed honey and sesame oil, painted half the chicken pieces and started them over medium heat in a heavy pan, got one side nice and dark, turned, re-painted, repeat, then heat to low and deglazed with stock whenever the pan started getting too crusty. Mixed honey and Dijon mustard, painted the other chicken pieces and set them in another heavy pan, added chicken stock, covered to boil, then simmered, re-painting occasionally with honey-mustard. Drained and mashed the potatoes with garlic, half and half, and butter. Should have tried some honey in that too, but didn't think of it. Removed chicken pieces, made pan sauce with the honey-Dijon, which came out too thick. Cooked some carrots in the honey-sesame that was pretty saucy already. Here are blurry pics in the teeny little plates I am using in an effort to lose weight. SWMBO liked the honey-Dijon braise, was less enthusiastic about the honey-sesame. Both need to be prettier but have promise. I have to make dinner for four of SWMBO's high school friends, on my birthday no less, next Monday, and I think the braise will go on the menu.

Honey-Dijon braise

Honey-sesame pan fry

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Mmmmm, they look good John! I particularly like the looks of the honey-sesame sauce.

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Looks great. Beautifully done.

When I make honey chicken, I normally add some red wine at some point to balance out the sweet taste. It's just me.


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Looking good!

Yea, I usually add something savory/spicy when it comes to honey and chicken.

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