OMG I'm doing it...

Vickey__MNJanuary 18, 2009

I just started a sock using Magic loop, toe up, and after starting over once (seems I always have to start a sock over once), I am doing it! Not so sure I like using two circular for one sock, even 4 DPM's seem easier to do, but until I finish a couple of paisr of socks this way, I'll withhold judgement. After doing a couple pairs this way I will have to try a couple pairs doing two on circular...I want to try all ways before I decide which way "I" like best!!!

My name is Vickey, and I admit I am a sock addict!!

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If you are using two circs on one sock, you aren't doing Magic Loop. Magic Loop is done on one circ.


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There are so many ways of doing socks - one sock on 2 circs, 2 socks on 2 circs, either 1 or 2 socks on 1 extra-long circ, which is Magic Loop. I, too, plan on trying them all, both toe-up and top-down. So far I've only made 2 pr - 1 at a time - both on dpns. So many socks, so little time.... LOL

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Shoot, so I'm not doing magic loop, I have another kind of sock to learn? Oh well, That means more fun!!!


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One reason I like to do socks (or anything for that matter) on circulars, is that I can put the stitches on the cord when I put them down and don't have to worry about the stitches slipping off. I like to throw a sock I am working on in my purse and off I go!


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Does anyone have good instructions for the magic loop method (two socks on one long circular)? I have the yarn and the needle but can't figure it out. Got the stitches cast on but I guess I haven't figured out how to join them. I've been doing DPN socks for a few months now and I too am a sock addict!


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Robin, google "magic loop method for knitting socks". You should find a video on line, or at least instructions on line for it. I will tell you, however, learn to do ONE sock using the magic loop method before you try doing two on one needle. I find it very difficult to do two. I do both socks at the same time using the magic loop method, but on two seperate needles. One on each. This way, I can make sure I start the socks in approx. the same place in the color variation when using the self striping yarn, and I do a little bit on each sock, switching back and forth between them. I fought with getting them both cast on on the same needle, then keeping the yarn untangled.

From another sock addict!


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