Searching for circular patterns and Hello!

carlotaJanuary 22, 2007


My name is Carlota. I am a long time member of GW and used to spend my days at the rose forum but recently I have been doing more knitting then rose gardening.

I remember when I learned to knit at my Grandmothers knee and it seemed that all the sweater patterns where in the round. Now that I am older, more patient and more skilled I have found that I prefer knitting in the round.

Does anyone here have any good patterns for knitting in the round? Any suggestions on where I might find them or books on knitting in the round?

I was so thrilled to find a knitting forum. I am looking forward to sharing tips and tricks with fellow knitters online.


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Welcome Carlota. I am looking forward to the responses to this post, as I am interested in knitting in the round too. I just got done knitting my first ever baby sweater and it had to be pierced and sewn together and I really didn't enjoy doing that. I think I would rather knit one in the round so I wouldn't have to spend all that time sewing all those little pieces together.
Right now I am knitting my second pair of socks and I am having fun with that.

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Welcome Carlota. You didn't say if you were looking for adult, women, men, child or baby sweater patterns. Just google: knit + sweater + "in the round" (don't forget the quotation marks) and you should find many patterns. Here are just a few I came up with:

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I like to knit cardigans in the round. I just finished one in red tweed from, Rosedale. I knit it with out the intarsia pieces.

I've made this one many times for new and not so new babies.

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There are lots of free patterns here: some of which are knit in the round.

Elizabeth Zimmermann was a great proponent of knitting in the round. Perhaps your local library has some of her books? Some other authors who do nice knitting in the round patterns include Meg Swansen (who happens to be Elizabeth Zimmerman's daughter!)Barbara Walker, Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, and Beth Brown-Reinsel.

One of my favorite things to knit is socks - and I always knit them in the round. Now I use "magic loop" technique and knit both socks at the same time on one circular needle - sometimes from one ball of yarn... one sock from the inside of the ball - the other from the strand on the outside.

Hope this helps,

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to free patterns

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Welcome, Carlota!!

Hidiane, would you please tell me how you do both socks on one needle? I do my socks magic loop, also, but have two sets of needles going at once to do both socks at the same time. I don't mean to hijack this thread, but you caught my attention! I might be alright with the cuff, but how do you manage the heal? Or am I being dense? Sometimes I have a hard time visualizing things!

Tami ... who also likes knitting things in the round, and only uses strait needles when I have to!

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Hi Tami,

It seems like "ack" to do two at a time... but it isn't any harder than doing them on two different circs except for when you are turning the heel (as you said) There are several tutorials online, one of which is here:

That shows it differently than I like to do it - I prefer to keep the heel flap on one side, and the instep on the other.

That website explains how to cast them both on... but if you already have them cast onto two separate needles, you just need to move one sock over. The heels have to line up, so you need to move one sock over onto two other needles (I use double pointed needles - easier for slipping on and off from either side) then onto the circular on which you are doing the two socks, which keeps the sock in its proper orientation. Does that make sense to you? Lay the socks on the needles out in front of you, and see how it will have to be moved to keep them both in the same direction on the needles.

As you are doing the two socks just make sure you use the right yarn for each sock! It is a great system for using up little oddball ends since you can knit from each end and end up with the same size stripes on each sock with no leftovers, and no guessing.

For the heel, which can be a bit fiddly... I prefer to change to double pointed needles just for the picking up round right after turning the heel (this is for socks with a heel flap) After I pick up all my stitches, I just use the circular again on the next round and they are back to 2 socks on one circular.

Once you see the logistics... You could put ten pair of baby socks on one (very long) circ! Of course - yarn tangling could become a real issue if you did that!

Hope the link and my attempt at explaining helps,

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Diane, thanks for the link. I'll check it out. Between that and your post, maybe I can figure it out! I'll be taking a cross country train trip next month and the needles are going! Hopefully, I'll have the socks and shrug I am currently trying to finish before I go, done, and can start a pair your way to work on on the train.


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Hi! It's so nice to meet you all. I very excited about the patterns and links you shared with me.

I am currently working out a tube style top for my very petite teen and will be happy to share the pattern when I have it all figured out. LOL, I thought it was done and it had to ripped right back to the beginning because of a miscalculation. Its being knitted in the round.

I am very curious about knttiing two socks at once and am going to have to check it out!

I am interested in any patterns knitted in the round. I just love my circular needles and love knitting. I understand that some sewing will be involved but truly I want to knit as much of my stuff as possible. I do sew, I love sewing to and make amazing stuff but sometimes I just don't want to be at my sewing machine. But now that I am thinking about it, I have a serger and suddenly the options seems endless. Knitting is making fabric to form why shouldn't I try serging it together?

Is it just me or have pattern designers moved away from circular knitting towards flat and sewn togther?


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