Trane XR15 system, Tstat? Raleigh NC

2005goatMarch 29, 2012

I have a 1360 square foot house 2 story, garage under 2nd story master bedroom +400 square foot garage (Not heated or cooled).

I currently have a 12 year old comfort master 2.5 ton system with a leaking indoor coil.

Coil replacement cost is around 1.5k.

I got quoted 6k for a new Trane 16 SEER system

ttr5030e1000a (AC)

txcc005cc3hca (Coil)

tud2b060acv3 (Furnace)

I currently have an old programmable thermostat, I was wondering if I should get a new programmable model (i believe they use a Honeywell unit).

Does this system seem like a good fit?

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That furnace is a two stg 80% eff var speed XV80 model. If you expect full functionality of this furnace, then you will require a true two stg thermostat. If you use old thermostat, then furnace will run on high stg all the time. Not very smart.

I did check and the system quoted is a match. 29 KBTUs cooling, 13 EER,
16 SEER. As stated furnace has two stages, 31 KBTU on low, 48 KBTU on high.

I suggest upgrading to the XV95 furnace mdl for it's higher efficiency.

You want a new and correctly sized refrigerant lineset and I would recommend a whole house air filter cabinet if you don't have one.

BTW, what size and eff is your existing furnace?


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Currently debating between these two systems.

XB14 3 ton with matching coil and xt80 furnace. 16 SEER

XR15 2.5 ton with Matching Coil and XV80 Furnace. 16 SEER ($600 more)

What do you go for? Its a 2 story house without zoning, right now I really don't want to spend a crazy amount of money.


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Why go up in size?

The XV80 is a nicer furnace than the XT80.

The XR15 condenser is nicer than the XB series.

As stated above, I have already given you best advice on the thermostat. I do recommend an air filter cabinet like the HW mdl #200.


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Going more expensive just is not really an option on my current budget.

XR15/XV80 Pros
Quieter (5db)
Variable Speed Blower Fan (more consistent temperatures in house), May aid in humidity removal.
May save a little money per month in cooling
Will cool house -17 degrees (92-75)
Variable speed blower may not be as reliable?

Slightly Nosier
Scroll Compressor (reliable, more resistant to damage)
No variable speed fan.
Will cool house -20 degrees (92-72)

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I don't mind the XT80 furnace as much since it has the high eff x13 blower motor.

However the XR15 is nicer and worth it compared to the XB14. And why go up in size? This will hurt you on humidity control.

Nuff said.


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The variable speed blower will DEFINITELY help with humidity control. It definitely made my house more comfortable than the previous fixed speed blower.

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What about reliability Variable speed vs fixed speed blowers.

Capacity of the xb14 three ton is 33600BTU (Scroll and Fixed speed blower)

Capacity of the XR15 is 29000BTU (Piston and variable speed)

I know the scroll compressor (XB14) is supposed to be more reliable. I have also heard the same about the Fixed speed blower vs Variable.

This house will likely turn into a rental at some point in the future, so longevity of the system and repair costs will be a bigger concern (slightly more so than overall comfort)in the future.

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There is no factual evidence to support that a fixed speed blower is more reliable than a var speed blower. Granted though, a failure on a var speed blower would be more expensive to replace than a fixed speed blower.

If not going var speed, then the XT80 furnace with the high eff X13 blower motor would be a reasonable choice.

As far as condenser, I stand by my recommendation of the XR15. And going up in size would be a mistake if not needed. In HVAC, more is not better.


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