Chenille scarf - knit or crochet?

jollyrdJanuary 5, 2012

I want to make two scarfs using Lion Brand Chenille Thick&Quick, - one for myself, one for my SIL. I also want to incorporate the fun fur in the ends only. My primary question is - should I knit or should I crochet? I am pretty good at both. Here are the questions running in my mind:

- if knit - use garter stitch only, or any other stitch pattern?

- if crochet - what type of chain (single, double, etc)?

- if crochet - do I cast on short end and continue until I reach the length I want, or do I cast on the length and do few rows to achieve the width I want?

- do a fringe or not? considering that I want to have the fun fur at the ends

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First, make sure you REALLY want to use chenille. I know it is soft and silky...but it 'worms' and can be difficult to work with. But since you are an experienced knitter, you probably already know that, and can handle it.

On to your questions: My personal opinion: Knit. Garter stitch makes a thick, even scarf which will lie flat and be reversible. And warm! With the thickness of chenille yarn, any pattern you might use would not show up well.

As for fringe - neither chenille nor eyelash yarn lends itself to a fringe - they unravel.

Again, this is just my personal opinion, and I wish you luck with your project, no matter how you do it.

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Great! Thanks. You are right - I tried a crochet "wave/zig zag" pattern and it is a mess and you can't see or appreciate it.

I will try to remember to post pictures when done.

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I did a scarf with eyelash fringe. I just tied a knot at the end of each fringe.


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Thanks for the hint about knotting the end of the fringe.

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