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grannymarshDecember 27, 2006

The Gallery is usually for posting photos. Questions, comments, and other conversation relevent to knitting and crocheting should be done on the discussions section of 'knitting and Crocheting' forum.

Please, I am NOT saying this to be mean or ridicule anyone, just trying to be helpful to any that might be newbies.

In that vein: writing in all Caps is considering YELLING!! And we are all much too nice to do that. LOL

And, to take my own advice, here are some little girls' anklets that I did for my grands, using beads and crochet thread. Extremely easy and quite durable. (unless baby sister-age one year gets hold of them). Now I make them minus the beads but with more rows of crochet to make them ruffled.

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Those are so cute!!! They will love them.

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I love how well the beads match the socks, so cute! I bet it will cause the kids at school to want some. I never thought to bead on socks before, I'll have to keep that in mind for my daughter when she starts school.

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Oh they are so beautiful..

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