Q about adding central AC unit. Please

islandMarch 30, 2013

Little background.
Original owners of our home, a 2600sq ft 2 story tract home in San Diego. The home is wired, plumbed or whatever it's called, for central AC, but didn't purchase that add on. Didn't think we'd need it and that's been true. Rarely need to turn on heat either and still have the original unit. It's gas, called forced air I think with louvered vents high on the walls in each room.

Thinking of adding central AC now because we've had more summer visitors and it does get warm in the bedrooms when we have to close the bedroom doors and can't take advantage of the usual cross breeze.

It won't be DIY, but was hoping someone could suggest some reliable brands, or things we should keep in mind when looking for reliable contractors. Are some more quiet and narrow? If so can you steer me toward those?

The hook up is at the side of our house where the walkway is narrow between the home and fence. Hoping to find something that doesn't stick out more than the chimney bump out and also quiet since it's directly across from neighbors window. Solid fence so they won't see it.

Greatly appreciate any suggestions for someone who knows nothing about AC.

Thank you!

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What is brand, size, and model of furnace?

You might post compete model number.

I would get a good brand-no low end model-13 SEER with matching evap coil. No higher than 75 decibel. New and properly sized lineset. Should be installed to code. A new disconnect at the location. I prefer a poured concrete pad rather than a prefab or plastic model. Location should be close to furnace for best and easy connection. Physical size of condenser really depends on tonnage size of condenser. Guessing 3-3 1/2 tons depending on summer climate and your home's insulation qualities.

While you can probably get any brand, I would lean to the same brand as furnace.

Just a few ideas.


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