Weight gain during re-hab

shequitOctober 4, 2006

I have not had a kitchen for 7 months - very long story. In the meantime, I have gained weight and not been as active. Used to go to gym 5 days a week but so much going on... I am 62 yrs. Am I the only one who cannot stick with the program? I am hoping that when this is over I will again motivate. Really need support at this point.


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It's hard to eat right when you can't cook,
so that part is a big problem for most of us --
Can you think of some healthy, easy to prepare foods that will help get your diet back on track?

As to exercise, during times of stress - like remodeling - exercise becomes even more important. This one you need to "just do"...

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shequit, I can relate. It was so hard to stick to ANYTHING in the midst of remodeling chaos. Honestly, I think you have to just try your best but give yourself some slack, too. I got back on a good routine after the remodel was finally complete (ours took a year and still wasn't completely done until year 2). That was a 2 1/2 years ago. I've sort of fallen off the wagon in the last few months so I need to get myself going again, sigh.

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I have been remodeling my whole house for years about 10. That was when the weight started going up, up[, up..... Now without a kitchen and winter being her I am in your same spot. Not only that my husband and I are doing the work ourselves. To many decisionsl So I eat. I'm with you girl. I'm 56 and know what you mean.

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It will help tremendously to put the gym on your to do list with the same priority as a big meeting. It's hard when you need to be on site or when you're physically involved with project. So hard to be physically exhausted without actually getting a good cardo workout!

Food is tough during remodeling, particularly if stress is a trigger for you. (It is for me.) Seems no matter what we end up eating mysteriously prepared food.

Is there an end in sight?

I've lost 28# since finishing the kitchen. (After some initial "Wow! We can cook!" gain.) I planned the kitchen with new eating habits in mind, and that is actually making a difference. But the big thing is moving -- particularly in the gym.

No spring chicken here either.

Maybe you could add your energy, or quest for inspiration, to the Mojo & Fitness threads. You're not alone!

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Sorry I have not gotten back to thank all of you for the responses. I just need that support thing. I have been to the gym this week to walk and really need to get on the weight machines. One of the gym gals said I look thin - she was looking at my face (a little drawn at this point)-had she looked at my mid, also a little drawn - in the other direction, she may not have been so kind. This kit-fam rm re-do is way more than I bargained for in my retirement! But it will be wonderful when it is done. Thanks again!

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I know how you feel. I was suppose to be on a special diet because I just got diagnosed as pre-diabetic but it is hard to follow through when you are under a lot of stress. I am trying hard to eat lots of fruit, veggies (carrot sticks, celery, cucumbers) for snacks instead of chips and crackers. And eat a big salad right before dinner so I don't eat too much.
I also try to take my dog for a walk at least once a day. It helps to get out of the war zone! We have been almost 5 months without a kitchen and it doesn't look like it will be finished anytime soon. Hopefully by Christmas!
Good luck.

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