New Family Member!

bill_vincentOctober 20, 2008

Aw, come on now!! I'm too old for that!! But we do have a new member of the family! He came home with us from a New Hampshire rescue yesterday. They estimate that he's about 1 1/2- 2 years old, and he's just as sweet and well behaved as anyone could hope. Everyone, meet Jumanji. Jumanji, meet the forum!

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Oh, Bill! What a handsome guy! Congratulations on the new, valued member. Congrats congrats congrats - he's absolutely lovely. Do wonder though: how could his prev owners have given him up?! He's such a good-looking fellow. I do hope he didn't have a rough life - but I must say that rescues are simply the best. Fantastic disposition and so wonderful to you when they settle in - almost like they spend the rest of their lives thanking you for coming into their lives. Bless you for rescuing him.

But once again - congratulations on that simply, utterly, divinely handsome boy.

So whose mate is he? Yours or is he your wife's? Looks like he staked his claim to her, eh? ;-)

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He's actually my stepson's dog, although I think we've ALL been "claimed". As for how someone could give him up, he was a stray that got picked up by animal control on September 16th in Derry, New Hampshire. Someone obviously spent some time with him, because he understands "sit", "no", "lay down"-- the basic commands. He is one of the gentlest dogs I've ever seen at taking food from one's hand. Definitely well trained. However, we've also seen that he's been abused. When he first got here, he saw one of Kathleen's dolls laying on the table next to her chair and went for it. Instinctively Kathleen let out a loud NO, and Jumanji cringed hard. That was the last time anyone's going to raise their voice to this dog. He's also got a Jeckle/ Hyde personality. One minute we're walking through the back yard just as peaceful as you please. The next second he's jumping at me, looking to play rough, grabbing my arm in his mouth in a mock attack. It's not anything that would bother me personally, but it concerns me how he would be with strangers. He's completely different with Kathleen than he is with me or Adam, but still... It's a habit we're going to try and break. That's the ONLY negative I've seen, though. He's pretty headstrong and intelligent, and I have a feeling he may have figured how to get out of his last yard and bolted. I don't think anyone would give up this dog by choice. He's too good of a dog.

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Congratulations! And another round of congratulations for adopting a pound puppy!

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Bill, what a regal looking guy he is ~ his markings are beautiful! Congrats and bestest wishes on your new addition.

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Bill, he is beautiful. Just a word of encouragement or perhaps caution. We foster Golden's for a rescue. It usually takes 3-4 days for a dog's personality to fully emerge. Most dogs try to be extremely good to please us and so they don't get tossed out (their perception, we aren't tossing anyone out). The males tend to test limits more than females. We had a Golden-Chow mix that just scared me to death charging at me in a fenced ball field every time I took him to play for at least a week. We adopted him and he became a very protective, loving dog-to us. He was never at ease with strangers or even some of my son's friends. He also spent the max time in animal control before we got him, and didn't know his background. You may find it helpful to work on Jimangi's mock-attach behavior with a certified trainer early on to establish human dominance and appropriate response to folks other than family members.


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Welcome Jumanji! He is a real beauty Bill, congrats! He has very soft eyes. My thought is perhaps that is how he has been trained to play. Perhaps his former master was very strict but encouraged rough play.I see folks like that at dog parks sometimes. Cotehele has a good point about working with a certified trainer on that.
Cooper and Bailey say woof!

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What a gorgeous dog! I'm glad he's found such a terrific home!

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cotehele-- it's funny you should say that. It's very obvious when he's testing his limits. You can see it in his face that he knows this is probably wrong, and he's looking at me to see my reaction. If I were an outsider looking in, I'd be DYING with laughter, watching it, because it really is comical in some respects. But we're trying to let him get to feel like this is HIS home, as well as ours, but at the same time be respectful and courteous. It was funny yesterday afternoon. Just after I got home from work, my wife decided to go lay down and take a nap. The first night we had him, I laid out a matress pad on the floor in our bedroom for him to sleep on, but in the middle of the night, I awoke to find him pacing. Being that he was a stray, the shelter wasn't sure how good his housebreaking training had been, so just in case, at 2 am, I took him outside for a walk. When we got back in, I was getting undressed, and he kept coming over and putting his paws up on the bed, giving me kisses with one end, and trying to slip the OTHER two legs up without being noticed. I made him go lay down on the pad. Now fast forward back to yesterday afternoon. Kathleen's laying on the bed, and I'm in the laundry room, which is actually part of the master suite, installing the new washer and dryer, and Jumanji jumped up on the bed and laid there, ears up, BIG smile, tongue hangin out, with this look in his eyes like "Okay, now I'm here. Whatcha gonna do about it!?!"

I let him stay. :-) (yeah, I'm a sucker!)

My thought is perhaps that is how he has been trained to play.

I have no doubt in that regard. But it's still a behavior that needs to be broken. As for a trainer, he starts in two weeks. :-) I'd bet the farm that this dog's already received obedience training. He's too good with commands, as well as not normally being too rambunctious on the leash. But because of his rough play, I'd hate for someone to get hurt, regardless of the possibility of a lawsuit or not. He'd end up getting put down through no fault of his own. So, we're going to take care of it before it becomes a problem.

As for the dominance thing, a good friend of mine is a K-9 trainer for one of the area police departments, and something he showed me a long time ago, I've put to use with Jumanji, which is laying my head right on top of his. He understands that as a dominant display, and it works.

And thank you to all of you. My wife and stepson were the ones who decided it was going to be a Rough Collie. They've owned several before, and like the breed. If it were up to me, it would've been either a Golden Retriever or German Shepard. But when it comes down to it, it really doesn't matter to me. He's a sweet dog, and I'm happy to have him come into our home. :-)

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Congratulations Bill! Jumanji is beautiful, and you can see his sweet nature as well. Much happiness to you with your dog family! (I just cut up a thick yoga mat to fit into my dog's crate over the weekend, which she seems to like.) Enjoy've made a good friend I suspect!

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Doesn't it defy belief that someone would let a good dog get away? You can be sure, Jumanji knows how good he has it with your family. You obviously know a lot about living with dogs, and have a swell handle on transitioning Jumanji into your family.

Funny story about hopping on the bed! You are not a softie-isn't that why we have dogs? They sleep on the bed and cuddle on the sofa, lie under-foot in the kitchen. Our Golden has her own pillow between us on the bed.

Enjoy :)

Judy & our Golden Cotehele

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What a lucky guy. He's beautiful. Enjoy

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momj47-- Fancy meeting you over here!! I had to look twice to see which forum I was in!! LOL Thank you. :-)

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Bill how is Jumanji doing now that he has been home for about a week? well I hope! Cooper and Bailey send their best!

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He's actually doing pretty well. I think he realises this is finally home, because he seems much more comfortable. He's not always looking to us to see if we approve of where he's going or what he's doing, and my stepson has an old futon in his room that Jumanji had conquered and claimed for his own now. He went for his first vet visit on monday, and to say the least, he and the vet didn't hit it off. Jumanji's already got all his shots, and if the vet had looked at the record, he would've known that, but just as the doctor stuck him with the syringe, his assistant saw it on the records and informed him, so now Jumanji has a new public enemy #1. :-) Other than that, he's no worse for wear. The first time I took him out in the back yard to do his thing, he found a pile of deer pellets (scat), and now he goes to that same spot every time just to make sure all critters know this is HIS yard now!

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Oh, I thought you were going to say what my dogs do with deer pellets - they eat them. LOL!

Welcome Jumanji!

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If I'd given him half a chance, he would've. But the first night I brought him out there, as soon as I saw what he was sniffing at, I nudged him away from it. Since then, that area's become his personal bathroom. :-)

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Lucky you for finding such a beautiful dog. Lucky Jumanji for ending up with you.

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He's a beautiful boy, Bill! I'm glad he's found a warm, safe, loving home with you and your family.

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He is well on his way to bonding with his forever family! thats great! woof

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Problem is that the best play area in the house is in the office, and any time I come in here, he thinks it's play time!

(that little blue and brown teddy bear is now resting in pieces)

HEY!! We gonna play?

I WILL not be ingored!!

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OMG, Jumanji is so adorable. Love all the pics. I have a collie from the MN/WI Collie Rescue and a collie mix from another rescue group.

Collies are wonderful and so are you for giving this lovely pup a new home.


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Congratulations Bill, what a beautiful dog! Hard to believe he had to be "rescued"!

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Someone just posted this in the hot topics forum, and I had to bring it here. Get out the Kleenex:


Her eyes met mine as she walked down the corridor peering apprehensively into the kennels. I felt her need instantly and knew I had to help her.

I wagged my tail, not too exuberantly, so she wouldnt be afraid. As she stopped at my kennel I blocked her view from a little accident I had in the back of my cage. I didnÂt want her to know that I hadnÂt been walked today. Sometimes the overworked shelter keepers get too busy and I didnÂt want her to think poorly of them.

As she read my kennel card I hoped that she wouldnÂt feel sad about my past. I only have the future to look forward to and want to make a difference in someoneÂs life.

She got down on her knees and made little kissy sounds at me. I shoved my shoulder and side of my head up against the bars to comfort her. Gentle fingertips caressed my neck; she was desperate for companionship. A tear fell down her cheek and I raised my paw to assure her that all would be well.

Soon my kennel door opened and her smile was so bright that I instantly jumped into her arms.

I would promise to keep her safe.
I would promise to always be by her side.
I would promise to do everything I could to see that radiant smile and sparkle in her eyes.

I was so fortunate that she came down my corridor. So many more are out there who havenÂt walked the corridors. So many more to be saved. At least I could save one.

I rescued a human today.

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Thanks for that...your new Jumanji is beautiful!

I lost my 11 yr. old chocolate lab boy named Bosco a little over a month ago
to a fast growing brain devastated us. I still have my little
rescued 2 year old, Bella.

Thanks for sharing and enjoy!

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Oh Bill - what a beautiful and elegant dog!!! You are sooo lucky! He looks like he's been well taken care of. I bet he's glad to be at your house. Holidays will be more fun now - don't forget to buy a stocking for him!

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I bet he's glad to be at your house.

Actually, at this point, he's very happy to have someone around HIS house so adept at filling food dishes as well as providing an "anchor" to hold his rawhide bones as he gnaws pieces off of it. I REALLY earn my keep, though, by being the best back and belly scratcher this side of the Mississippi.


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Bill he's gorgeous! New dogs are a pain in the butt LOL (Ok my puppy is still challenging even if he's getting better) but he looks like he's worth the time :)

And on that getting up on the bed thing...I couldn't let our dog sit on the floor while he watched the cats cuddling on the down he's up there with them, or laying on "his" onyx countertop...sleeping on a very expensive pillow that was supposed to be on my bed..not become his bed LOL

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Here he is with his newest toy-- SNOW!!

I'll see about getting some good ones tomorrow during the Nor'easter of him trying to keep all the snowflakes from hitting the ground!

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Bill he is doing wonderfully with you! What a beauty Jumanji is!
I am jealous of the snow, our guys love the snow just like Jumanji!! We had the smallest dusting a week ago and you would have thought it was a measurable snow! oh well, maybe sometime this winter! Enjoy your new pup!

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Measurable? We got 19 inches last night... ON TOP of what you see in the picture!! :-)

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Hope that big fire wasn't near you. Pretty soon you'll be digging out from the second floor.

Stay warm and dry.

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It was about a mile away. They had to evacuate and let the thing collapse before they could go back and put it out. We were listening to it on the scanner, and watching as each of the respective fire departments would come by.

As for the digging out, this was storm #2 of 3. The third one's coming Christmas Eve, and already the snow is piled up about 5 feet high around my driveway. I may have to hire someone with a bucketloader to come in and remove some of it.

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Bill, Jumanji is adorable. Collie breeds are so lovable and get so attached to their human families.

I am a dog lover also and had fostered a dog from a puppy mill in the past to help a rescue group out.

I also have 4 little dogs. Due to my townhouse situation, I felt it was only fair to have small dogs since my fenced in backyard is very small. My oldest dog arrived here as a puppy deaf with epilepsy and now has developed skin problems. He is a 9.75 year old Maltese that I had since he was 17.5 years of age. When I found out he was deaf, I did not return him to the breeder feeling it is not his fault and I will try to learn to live with imperfection. He loves his life, especially playing fetch. My 2nd oldest, Sassy who just turned 7 on 12-01-08 loves walks and loves attention. She is a Maltese given up by a breeder due to a bad bite. My third oldest is Panda a black and White Shih Tzu who needed Eye Surgery that I gave her to save her eye site. She turned 6 years old on 10-02-08. My youngest is so cute and tiny but has a bad heart murmur she she gets out of breath quickly but knows she is loved and adores me and her fursiblings.

I love the poem that I saved a Human today since I feel my furkidz have saved me and when things have gotten too stressful fro me, I go on since they need me and I am their human mommy.

My Panda and my Lexi both love the snow and it sure looks like Jumanji adores the snow also.

Hope your Christmas Eve storm was not too bad.

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P.S I meant "not too bad" in terms of lots of bad weather with a lot of snow.....

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Actually, the Christmas Eve storm was a piece of cake, compared to the other two we've had in the last week! We got a couple of inches yesterday morning, and then it sleeted for about an hour, and then turned to rain. They were talking about it freezing, but I guess it got too warm, thank God.

Between my wife, me, my stepson, and his fiance, we spent a small fortune on toys for this dog for today, and here he is with his newest, and most favoritist possession:

As for Jumanji liking the snow, this was taken today. You tell me :-) :

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Jumanji sure loves the snow I can tell from this picture you took today. It looks like Jumanji loved his new toy and everything else he got for Christmas.

What species is your wood floor and what is the width? It is very rustic looking which sounds like a good floor for the Maine area.

When my Panda was a little puppy, we had a bad snow storm and then two more in a row causing my backyard to look like th pile of snow Jumanji is on. My little Panda climbed to the top of the "snow mountain" and my Sassy and Skeeter kept barking at her to come down but they were both afraid to climb up to be with Panda.

I am having a difficult time tying up year end work which has made me depressed feeling I a piled under all that snow and can't get out. But your picture brought a smile to my face reminding me that there are other things in life to bring me smiles if I can just focus on this work to finish it tomorrow.

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How did I miss this earlier?? Congratulations on your not-so-new puppy, Bill . . . he's beautiful! I'll bet he's relaxing into the routine by now and has become a firm fixture in the family.

I SO miss having a dog . . . it's been just a year now and I can't wait to get in the house and a new puppy!


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Break out the Kleenex again!

Lost and found

BY: From Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living Catholic Faith

We had waited nearly two years to get a Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy. I daydreamed of names, felt the brown puppy fur between my fingers, and smelled a young warm-bellied pup. The breeder called with a possible dog for us; he was four months old, had no training, and could not be AKC registered. I explained he would be our family dog and accompany my husband and son hunting. I assured her that his age and lack of early attention was okay with us. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I was determined to have this dog, no matter what. Thus, on a windy day, in late December, we met him. He was shy and afraid of us, of everything really, but I just knew he was my dog. We named him Kenai after our favorite river in Alaska, where my parents lived.

Less than one month later, our only child, our sixteen-year-old son, died. As I grieved, whimpering and crying in my pain, Kenai sat at attention at his fence, listening for my movements in the house. He watched and waited, 24/7. I spent more than an hour each day sitting cross-legged on a railroad tie in the yard, Kenai lying across my lap. His fur became a prayer blanket to me, his eyes a healing solace. I sometimes wondered if he was an angel, sent to companion me in my grief.

On April 1st, a little more than two months after Justin died, I made a business trip to California. It was a mistake for me to travel so soon. I didnt realize how exhausted I was and how little energy I had to expend. I couldnt wait to get home. On a Sunday evening, I called to check in with Jim, my husband. He sounded awful and told me he had some very bad news. While at the fire station on Interstate 80 in Wyoming where he volunteers, a train passed, blowing its whistle. Kenai, standing next to him, had bolted in fear, simply disappearing into the stark barren landscape. Jim searched for hours and finally drove the forty-five minutes home, bereft. He knew how much Kenai mattered to me, and couldnt believe this loss.

When I got home, we drove to Wyoming and searched and searched. No one had seen him. On Holy Thursday, a friend and I drove to every house, every ranch, and posted lost dog signs. I berated myself for seeking a lost dog, while there were places in the world with people searching for missing family and friends. Yet I knew the loss of our son had left us hopeless. We could do nothing to change it. I had to do something now to try to find Kenai, to ease our loss. I had to believe again.

Kenai was only seven months old -- a shy, frightened dog. But I had to try, to hope for a miracle. I posted a missing dog report on

The summer passed. Whenever we went to our cabin, ten miles south of where we lost Kenai, I scoured the landscape. I knew that perhaps someone had found him and kept him, or he had been eaten by a predator, or killed by a car. But I still looked. Something inside me believed in hope. I stopped telling my husband what I was doing. He felt bad enough.

Nearly nine months passed. Christmas was coming and we planned to visit my parents in Alaska. It had been the worst year of our lives, and we needed a respite. On December 23rd, we left Colorado in a snowstorm. Two feet of snow had fallen; cattle were dying on the plains. Arriving in Alaska, the serenity and beauty welcomed us. My parents cozy lodge was a comforting place to spend Christmas.

The morning of December 24th, my husband was on the telephone. I heard snippets of the conversation. "In a dead cow carcass? Brown dog? Skinny? Cant get near him?" He hung up, shaken, and explained. A rancher out with her cows had spotted a small animal on a distant ridge. She determined it was a dog. She could see it had a collar and flash of silver around its neck. When she approached the animal, it ran. Searching the Internet for lost dogs, Brenda found my notice Id long given up on but never deleted. She promised to leave food near the cow carcass the dog used for shelter, and warned there was another big storm coming.

At Christmas Mass, I couldnt concentrate. Images of shepherds, ranchers, sheep, dogs, mangers, cradles, and cow carcasses traversed my mind. Was it possible that Kenai had survived all this time, alone? Did I dare I believe he was alive?

I asked myself, as I do every Christmas, "How is the Christ-child birthed within me this year?" Might the birthing be hope in a dog that was lost and found? That what seemed to be dead could live? Dare I believe and hope for a miracle?

Brenda promised to keep feeding him until we returned on December 31st and could meet her at the ranch. She was certain the skittish dog was Kenai. Though he wouldnt let her within twenty-five yards of him, the kibble she left on the snowy ground was wolfed down each morning.

January 1st dawned clear and sunny and we drove to Wyoming. Entering the ranch, we stopped to scan the landscape with binoculars. On a distant ridge we saw him. There was no doubt now. My stomach started to churn. Within a few minutes, we met Brenda. I could barely breathe. There was only room for one of us in her tractor cab. Jim stared at me and whispered, "Go."

Maneuvering to the ridge top seemed longer than ten minutes. Cows followed as we lurched through icy snow drifts. The sun radiated brilliance against snow and rock. We stopped where Brenda had left food for Kenai. Heart pounding, I stepped from the cab.

Brenda backed the tractor away. I walked forward. Suddenly I saw a flash of brown on the other ridge. Clapping my hands, I called, "Kenai, Kenai, Kenaiii," over and over and over. Could he hear me, would he remember?

Kenai stopped and sniffed the air. Instantly wiggling with recognition from nose to tail, he raced through snowdrifts toward me. Whimpers and cries erupted from both of us. I fell to my knees in the snow, arms wide open, calling him. I could see his puppy collar! A solid, furry hay-smelling body launched into my embrace. He was undersized, but unharmed. We jumped up, tumbled around each other, playing, touching, petting, tears pouring forth. I cant believe he remembers! Hes safe!

When Jim was within one hundred yards of us, I knelt, presenting to him Kenai. Kenai looked to me, then rushed to Jim as I watched, sobbing with joy.

Oh yes, I hope. I believe.

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The newest pics--

His Majesty, surveying his realm:

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Bill, I didn't know you had a new guy join the family. He is so gorgeous. Look at him on the roof. What a character. God bless you for going to a rescue to get a new companion.

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OMG! That is so funny. What a great pic. My collies like to survey the yard but I don't think they would go on the roof.

Thanks for sharing!

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KK, your guys would have the morgue drawer guy up on the roof, what you talking about? LOL

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kitchenkelly-- This guy is definitely an alpha personality. He reminds me very much of the old joke about where does an 800 pound gorilla sleep (any where he damn well wants to!). Believe me-- I've got some old growth pines on the side of my house (probably about 60-70 feet tall). If he had a way up, he'd be on top of THEM, instead.

Also, you said collieS (plural) you have more than one? My wife keeps nudging me to get another one, only this time she wants to look for a sable and white. I see how bad this guy's adrenaline charged ADHD is, and I don't know if I could HANDLE two of em!! LMAO

Do you have any pics?

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Okay-- the newest installment of Jumanji! This time, pictures aren't enough! Today, my stepson and his wife brought home a treadmill, and Jumanji just HAD to check it out. Here's the You-tube video of it:

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That is too funny! Jumanji is beautiful and your stories are wonderful.

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