Knitting machines

bizzylizzyMay 21, 2006

Has anyone here worked with knitting machines? How fast is it really to learn how to use one?

My DH is encouraging me to consider buying one. I'll try to make the long story short. See, I mostly do crochet, I have learned to knit only simple plain and purl rows. Now I'm dabbling into crocheting clothing items, but he keeps hearing me complain about how long it takes me to create things, he and I talk about me opening up a booth in town to get out of the house and start a business that I would enjoy doing (crocheting and fiber crafts, etc). So I was considering the knitting machine to make quicker items, and perhaps embellish with some crochet.

I was thinking to get the very reasonably priced knitting machine from Michaels ($220/Cdn) and try it out. Is it worth my time and money, or should we think of something else? DH is even saying I should make some items, and possibly sell imported cheap stuff "off the docks" lol. Has anyone made money with similar ideas? Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Woops! I must have accidentally posted in the pix gallery, sorry about that - Liz

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