This year's version of 'It's not just about the fishing!' (pics)

bill_vincentOctober 14, 2007


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Very nice!

I haven't lived in New England for 30 years and still miss it. (Though the Carolinas and Wisconsin haven't been too shabby for fall color and crispness)

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Gorgeous pix, Bill. Where were you?

BTW, while I have your the marble sealing thread the other day I offered the OP the suggestion of using 511PP but you said Impregnator is best. I just bought a gallon of the PP for my honed marble counters to be installed later this week -- should I exchange it for the Impregnator?

Thanks for your advice.


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These shots were on different lakes around Maine that I fished this past summer, the last tournament being yesterday.

As for you sealer question, yes. Exchange it. No need to spend that kind of money.

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WOW, Bill! That first photo was phenomenal enough--so evocative, with that one light in a house, and one star in the sky. Then the osprey and nest (full disclosure: DD knew immediately what kind of bird it was--I didn't), and the duck with a duckling swimming next to it? Am I reading that right? and the *sunset*, the *sunset*!

So so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them.

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Rats, now I'm looking at Air Tran schedules. I didn't get up this summer, and I'm feeling it. I need to get back home to restore my soul.

Wonderful pictures from a wonderful place.

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Beautiful photos, Bill! Thanks for posting them. How did you do in the tourney?

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Flyleft-- you were close. That's a loon with its baby riding on its back. :-) That picture was the inspiration for this:

uxorial--lousy. This whole summer's been like that. I've been so busy, I haven't really had the time to do my "homework" so to speak, and it's shown. I only caught one fish yesterday. It was a good one (just over 4 pounds), but only one:

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Yeah, same here Bill. Lots of trouble with the boat. This was the "fish of the year" even though it was caught by a friend (it's the first bass he ever caught, and he caught it in the first 15 minutes):

But, like you say, it's not just about the fish:

Did you get your carpet finished? Or did you go with the Blue Pearl? :)

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OY, cuteness overload. DD is a bird-of-prey girl, not too interested in your average water birds, but that picture was definitely not average. Thanks so much for the information. You know, it did look like the baby was riding on the back, but I just couldn't believe my own eyes. It's SO amazing! And the cutting isn't bad either :) -- waterjet?

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(it's the first bass he ever caught, and he caught it in the first 15 minutes)

Beginners luck!! That's one sweet smallie!! As for the carpeting, I'm lucky I even got to SEE the boat!! Hell, I was out of state for two months, from mid july to mid september!! I've got to finish making up some ceramic animal silhouettes, and tile my own tub enclosure (for a change!), and then the boat's next. I'm getting the garage set up with a 55 gallon drum wood stove, beause carpeting's only part of what's getting done this winter. I'm tearing out the dash panel and fabricating my own by backpainting some 1/4" plexiglass black, and then mounting all new gauges. I'm also going to reinforce the transom and come this spring, it'd getting a new 150 hp motor. I'm also adding some better electronics to the cockpit, including gps, so when it comes to the boat, my work's BIGTIME cut out for me!!

Hmmmmmm-- maybe I could make the dash panel out of BP???


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Thank you for the beautiful pictures!

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