Daylight Savings-how is it hitting you?

shequitOctober 30, 2006

Anyone else enjoying more energy at wake-up cause of one hour more sleep in last couple of days (I know only one, but it does carry over a bit)? But what about wanting dinner at an earlier hour? Or staying up too late for a couple of nights. Would love at my age (62), to hear if if does/does not affect you.

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Well, I'm about your age. It takes me about a week to adjust, both spring and fall, and in the fall I find I stay up later and wake up at the same time, exhausted. I much prefer daylight savings time, I hate going back to standard time, it's so depressing driving home from work in the dark.

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My dog wakes me up every morning at 8:03 am by ringing a bell hung on the side of her pen.

When we change the clocks twice a year, it takes her about two days to understand that she needs to add or subtract an hour, but amazingly, she is right back on schedule very quickly.

She is so cute...if I ask her "What do you do when you want Mom to get up in the morning? Show me!" She will run into the pen and ring the bell.

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I'm sort of the opposite of momj47! I like standard time. I always hate it when we go on daylight savings time. If I had to drive home in the dark, though, I probably wouldn't like it either. As it is, I like getting my kids into bed earlier and waking up with light in the sky. I know it's psychological, but I do feel like I get more sleep when I'm not getting up in the dark.

My dh said they're going to extend DST next year to mid-November and begin it earlier. I don't like that idea! If it were up to me, we'd eliminate DST altogether, not make it longer. What's the point, really, when there's going to be plenty of daylight in a month or two anyway? Why make it so younger kids have to go to bed in broad daylight (in summer)?

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I'm not a morning person so I like that it's now light in the morning when I get up - but it is a bummer to have it be dark before I leave work at night. I adjust to the change pretty quickly - only benefit by bounding out of bed early the first day and then it's business as usual.

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Don't like the darkness starting so early, but I am sleeping really well...

The dog who begins barking for dinner at precisely 6:29 is now barking at precisely 5:29. Driving me crazy...

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I prefer DST to standard - mainly because I'd much rather have more daylight in the evening after work instead of in the morning when I'm either trying to sleep or at work. (or both! LOL)

But, having had little kids at one time, I can see seeking's point of view. I always had heavy enough curtains in the kids' rooms that we could shut out the light when needed. My kids went to bed at 8 pm until they were old enough to stay up late because they were completing homework -- somewhere about middle school.

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I have felt perkier these last few days when I wake up, and oddly enough, hungry! Don't usually have any appetite for a couple of hours. I hate getting up when it's dark and have a harder time adjusting to the day.

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I HATE this!! It should be ILLEGAL to get up wide awake at 5 am!! WITHOUT an alarm clock!! I didn't even know that time EXISTED (on a work day-- TEE HEE)!!

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Love your replys. I was beginning to think it was me! Interesting note - I was born on Jan. 1, 1944, shortly after midnight. At the time, everyone was on the Standard Time,not sure of the history but maybe to do with WWII. If there had been DST, I would have been born on Dec. 31. Consequently, not only do I celebrate New Year's Eve, but also the coming of the New Year - and, I might add, I do it well!!!!! Don't call me on Jan. 2!

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shequit: Pres Roosevelt instituted year-round Daylight Saving Time, called "War Time," from February 2, 1942 to September 30, 1945. So you were *already* on DST. But you are right that you would have been born on December 31 if Standard Time was in use! Did you win the first baby of the year contest? :-)

My daughter was born March 1 - I always tell her she's lucky it wasn't a leap year!

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jerzeegirl - you are right, I meant to say DST. I was not the first baby of the year, born about 12:20P.M. My mother, whose b-day was Dec. 31, was on her way to a party when she had a "feeling" it was time to go to the hospital instead. Happy Birthday Mom!

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I've been extra tired this week, but I do love this time change. I hate the dark when I get off work, but light in the early morning more than makes up for it for us. My dogs also take exactly 2 days to adjust. How funny.


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