Dornbracht Tara mysterious catastrophy!

nicinusOctober 22, 2006

Hi all,

This one should perhaps go into the home distaster section, but I'm actually more puzzled and would like to hear if anyone ever heard or seen anything like it.

We have reasonably new kitchen, bit over 6 months, with a beautiful Dornbracht Tara Classic faucet with a side spray, all in chrome. The side spray has a chromed metal braced hose that looks fairly rigid.

Earlier today my wife suddenly called for me and said that there was water all over. I ran down and surely enough, water on the floor and on the counter. She told me she had used the sprayer, which had stopped working and was leaking water from the handle. My first reaction was that the hose had come loose from the handle and by mysterious ways in the other end as well, under the countertop.

However, this wasn't the case. It was the WHOLE HOSE that was leaking! Water sprinkled from every lap of the metal spiraling on the hose?!? I was completely amazed, it was as if there had come acid into the waterline that was eating away on what I assume is a rubber or vinyl hose inside. After discussing with wife the only thing she could imagine being different from normal use was that she had sprayed very hot water, but that's it.

I checked our water heater, which is on medium heat, and I found a manual for the Dornbracht on the internet that said that maximum water temperature should be 194F or 90C. We have fairly hot water, as I can imagine most people, but nowhere that hot!

I will call them tomorrow but in the meanwhile I'm wondering if there is anyone that has ever had a similar experience? The faucet is 'german engineering' and gives an incredible solid impression in all other aspects, could I have gotten a lemon?

On top of it, the way the faucet works it seems to put pressure on the sprayer as well when you turn the knob (or dial) so now we can't use the faucet at all and have no water for the kitchen sink. :-(

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let us know the outcome, could be an installation problem with too much pressure, who knows ?

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I have the Tara Profi with side sprayer and it works perfectly. These faucets are solid brass so it must be some really weird defect to have this happen. I cannot imagine it's hot water.

I had a problem with one of their shower valves and they sent me a new one very quickly. I found their customer service to be good so I'll hope they take care of it without a problem as quickly as they did for me.

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so what happened in the end?

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