Temperature Rise Method For Heat Pump

tactMarch 16, 2009

"Temperature Rise Resistive Heat Method. Although this method is not as accurate as the use of test equipment, a method of determining the indoor airflow in a system employing electric resistance heat as the backup heat source is by the Temperature Rise Method and is calculated using the following formula: using the following formula:

CFM = KW(Volts X Amps) X 3.413 divided by (Temp rise X 1.08)


KW= The indoor section's measured input power = Volts x Amps

Volts = The measured Volts at the Indoor Section

Amps = The measured Amps at the Indoor Section

Temperature Rise = The temperature of the supply air - the

temperature of the return air

3413 = BTU per KW

1.08 = Specific Heat Air Constant"

I am trying to determine temperature rise of my Heat Pump.I have a clamp on type multimeter. How do I go about where do I measure Volts at the Indoor Section? In addition, how and where to measure Amps at the Indoor Section?

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If you knew the kw's of heat strip package, you wouldn't have to measure anything. I have a 15 kw heat strip kit in my air handler.

When measuring the temperature rise after the strips, make sure that the air is mixed well (after a 90 turn in the ductwork) or you will get high temp readings.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the info
Where do I find this formula
Is it in ACCA Manual D

Thanks again

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