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blanche1951December 28, 2006

Help!!! We had laminate flooring installed about 6 months ago in our bedroom and just today we noticed a fine black sandy grit coming off where we walk. We assume this is the aluminum oxide but now what? We notice that it is tacky where the footmarks are. We have never used anything other than water to clean it. can anyone tell us what we can do about this? thanks

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when laminate is made it is made as a giant 'sandwich' with the backing, pattern, wear layer ( with the alum oxide) then put together with high pressure, then cut into planks. That is why you can't refinish laminate as its part of the manufacturing. Unlike engineered flooring where the finish is applied to each individual board after the wood product is assembled. For that reason you aren't seeing aluminum oxide but i'm hard pressed to offer an opinion. If you are seeing something coming from the finish then you have totally walked thru the floor down to the pattern, but i hardly believe thats even possible in 6 months. I'd call the dealer for an inspection and see what they say.

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Try wiping the effected planks with a little mineral spirits on a rag. Then buff with a dry towel. If that doesn't take care of the soiling concerns, call for an inspection claim.

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Thanks for the replies but now it seems that the floor was washed with a homemade solution by someone else. In the solution is lemon juice water and borax. Ouch! So does that explain what is happening or what?

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By someone else?? How did you get the recipe?

Someone was trying to make a tile & grout cleaner.

Sounds like residue. Have you tried the mineral spirits? Charcoal lighter fluid will also work. Don't pour it on the floor, apply it to a rag and wipe. Buff with a dry towel afterwards.

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lemon juice is terribly acidic!

borax is an industrial compound.

I cant say you ruined it, but I can say it doenst look very good for the longevity of your flooring system.

Looking up the chemistry of borax and its uses, we find that a borax deivative is used in making welding rods and steel, ironically enough, as a flux to lower melting poin of metal oxides to allow them to "flow" more evenly and as run off. Your laminate floors finish is an alluminum oxide.

I am certainly no chemist, but i can suggest that acids combined with a product to change the chemistry of metal oxides when yout flooring wear layer is a metal oxides, certainly can not be a good thing.

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Thank you floorman for responding. I thought that was the problem. Is there any way to save my floor from being replaced? Should I still use the mineral spirits?

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I am sorry for your troubles, but I know of nothing to resurface, refinih, or restore a laminate flooring wear layer/finish.

Please contact the laminate manufacturers technical services department for further assistance.

I think if there is any help available they are the ones to provide it.

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