register vent fan?

Tracybug11March 19, 2012

I have a split level house in coastal california - no AC, but in the summer, south and west facing windows in the upper level (livingroom and kitchen) allow it to heat up in the later afternoon and evening on really hot days. We don't have enough of those to warrant AC, so I'm trying to come up with another solution. My father suggested installing a register vent with a fan on a high wall with attic behind it, to vent out to the exterior. Would that work? Would it be really noisy?

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That wall your are writing about might be what is called a knee wall. There is attic behind it? If so is it insulated and air-sealed? If not, consider doing that first. It might solve your problem without continued use of electricity.

If you put in a vent and blow into your attic. you must ensure that there is suitable air outlet. If there is not, you can pressurize the attic and hot air might blow back into the house somewhere else.

Noisy, maybe. It depends on how much money you spend. Money buys quality blowers and installation.

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Do you have a window that could hold a small AC unit? You could install it in the summer and store it the rest of the time.

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