Travertine Floor Issues, Uneven Grout Color

dar5December 28, 2010

In October, as part of our kitchen remodel, we had 18X18 honed travertine tiles with 1/16" grout lines installed throughout the kitchen, family room, hallways, bathroom and laundry area(approx. 750 sq. ft)

Note: we are using a GC who hired tile subcontractor.

Honed travertine was installed under cabinets, island, and in adjoining rooms. Travertine was sealed, grouted and left to cure.

Fix #1

Same crew tried to fix MAJOR lippage problems by replacing several tiles.


Crew #2 tried to fix SAME Lippage problems by replacing several of the same tiles, replacing additional tiles, and using a hand sander.

Fix#3 (Two weeks before Thanksgiving)

Crew#3 "the restoration experts" used the big machine with diamond polishing pads, sanded the entire surface area, resealed stone, added more grout to fix grout's uneven color and left major grout haze on tile for at least two weeks while other workers continued on kitchen.

Fix#4 (early December)

Crew#4 handwashed floor with mixture of 4 parts water/1 part vinegar to clean floor and remove haze.

CONTINUING PROBLEM: Floor still has uneven polish/sheen, but Lippage is gone; grout haze still noticible, grout continues to be at least THREE colors (Haystack, dark Tan, and WHITE). I think the White is Thinset, but I'm being dismissed by the GC and subcontractor.

Fix#5 (recommended by GC, as of today 12/28/10)

Buff travertine to polished finish and apply grout sealer to even out grout color.

Does anyone out there think Fix#5 will work? I'm too angry to have any perspective. Thanks for any comments/suggestions.

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Grout sealer will make the problem worse normally. A grout stain will probably work. I would tell you the stain that I would recommend but we get banned from forum for helping people. This color difference can be one of two things..maybe three. Too much water during wiping....inconsistent water mixture...different dye lots of grout. There is an excellant stain out their that will can even be color matched to the grout you expect it to be...

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Thanks Echo-flooring...appreciate your feedback. Now they want to use Ager on the grout, and I'm 99% certain that is wrong, but husband is calling Tenax directly.

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