DIY Install Aprilaire 5000

scotkightMarch 11, 2011

Anyone ever install an aprilaire 5000 electronic air cleaner themselves? We are just using the standard 1" filter, but we have a mix of allergies and asthma and it is time to move up in the world of clean air.

Furnace/air handler is in a utility room. The return comes down from the ceiling, does a 90 runs about 16 " over, through the 20x25" filter, then into the air handler.

The instructions seem to state I would just need to cut out a section next to the air handler, which would include the insert where the filter is now of course. Seems too simple though, and i am not sure how I would make the connection from the return to the cleaner. Air handler seems like you just apply caulk or mastic on the face and screw it in place.

Wiring seems simple, there is a dedicated outlet not used for anything about 2 ft away. (Put in if we were to have chosen a duct based dual zone system, which we didn't)

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just did one last week. its easy if you have 16 inches its more than enough room. you might have to have a hvac company make the metal parts to splice it in but thats no problem.otherwise you are correct. it just screws to the plenum.
the electrical is a little more tough. it requires 120 only when the fan is running. some furnaces have an eac terminal but if not aprilair makes a relay for that purpose that costs 40 bucks.
i just happen to have another used one if you are interested. $150 shipped. they cost about $500 new.

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Looks like I overestimated. Went out to measure, and it is 12" on the nose between the furnace and the downward ducting. Still seems like it might work though based on the install guides and unit measurements, but I am missing how to make the transition from the downfacing return 90 into the aircleaner. Are there parts that would add a flat end onto the existing ductwork that I would screw into?

Sorry, coming from 0 knowledge here. I would RTFM if I knew where the M was :)

xracer: I would definitely be interested, can you describe how used it is? I can't think of a reason why someone would get one then no longer need it though so I am a bit baffled.

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if necessary what you would do is have an hvac company make you a new return drop designed to fit. its not hard. they do it all the time.
heres the deal on the used one i have. i purchased two off ebay that the guy said he had because he put in a complete new hvac system and decided to go with new air cleaners too. i used one for my furnace and have one left over.

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Any idea how old they are? I was looking and there seems to be a recall on the AA 5000 depending on when they were made.

Sorry, would love to make it an easy buy, but "could catch fire" is always a downer. ;)

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dont know. your hesitation on the details if this job kind of tell me it may be above your grade level and you should just pay to have a new one put in. you should be able to get it done for

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Hah, above my paygrade? Maybe, but my hesitation is only in the realm of "I do things RIGHT, not half a...ed. " Once you start taking bits out of the hvac system it can get quite cold in your house until you get the right new bits put in. I would rather not have that time lapse.

Give me some metal, I can weld it up. Give me some copper, solder away. Give me a race car and I will drive it fast and consistent lap after lap. That being said I'll drive slow before I have learned enough to drive fast.

Unfortunately there seem to be relatively few materials online teaching about how duct systems go together.

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Hi Scotkight,

I wonder if you were able to install your air-cleaner?
I am also looking into installing this unit by myself.
Any ideas?

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