White smartstrand carpet with 2 kids and a dog??? insane?

repaintingagainDecember 20, 2010

We are in the process of trying to decide upon a carpet for our family room. We have hardwoods, but I would like a large area rug (12x15) made. I have 2 young kids and a nice big dog. We come in from the garage into a small laundry room and often my little tots get to the family room carpet before I can grab their shoes off. My dog never takes his shoes off (har har).

If I had my druthers I would have a really light cream colored carpet. I see that Smartstrand has a lifetime warranty against stains.

Am I completely insane for considering a cream carpet with 2 young kids and a dog? If Smartstrand is as good as it claims to be than I really could go for it. I found a nylon with Stainmaster that I love, but they only have a warranty for 7 years against stain. That makes me nervous, so I'm thinking the lifetime warranty of Smartstrand should be a indicator that it is more impervious to stain, yes?

Any thoughts or suggestions?

I have a slew of questions about what to look for in a pad, how to know if I'm getting a good price, what kind of binding I should consider, etc. But I figure I'll start with what brand/carpet I should be looking at first.

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I realize Smartstrand is a good, reliable, sturdy, and stain resistant carpet but have you ever seen an off white carpet hold up to kids and dogs?? Dh and I used to live in a small house by a river in Wa state and whenever our grandkids came to visit or we had wet weather for months at a time our carpet got so dirty and it showed!!! We had a sort of "sand" color and it looked nice for about one month! I don't think we had that carpet more than 2 years before we ripped it all out and put in hardwoods! If you are getting a room size rug why not get a colorful one that might hide the dirt better? I know what you mean though I love light colored carpet too but it is so annoying and tiring to see the dirt!!!!
Good Luck!

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Yes. If you have kids and dogs you are insane for putting in white/cream carpet. Just ask my sister who has two boys and an elderly jack russell. Even with a no shoes/no food outside the kitchen policy her little green machine gets a workout.

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Get a copy of the Smartstrand warranty and read it carefully. Lifetime stain warranties usually have several exclusions. Shaw Anso nylon stain warranty requires you to have the carpet professionally cleaned every two years as part of the terms of the warranty. Smartstrand's warranty may also have these terms.

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Sophie Wheeler

Most carpet warranties specifically EXCLUDE homes that have pets, and yes, anyone who wants a white carpet is pretty nuts period. If it's too large to go in your washing machine, it shouldn't be white.

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