Heating a Small Bathroom

emmi331March 25, 2012

I will be remodeling a small bathroom. I have radiator heating in the winter (forced hot water?). However, the bathroom radiator is an eyesore and takes up space, and I'd like to remove it. No other radiators in the house will be removed, as I am not replacing the entire system. Currently it is on the wall between the toilet and the tub. A plumbing company will be removing it.

My question is, what kind of heat could replace this in the bathroom? A wall unit? Baseboard heating? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I do not have a huge budget for this project. Thanks....

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The nicest solution would be to install radiant heating in the floor. If you are tearing up the present floor you may consider this option. It may exceed your budget.

The other option is to install a nicer looking radiator either on the wall or as a baseboard. Below is a link to a company that makes several types of radiators some of which can be custom ordered. You could even order one as a towel warmer and have it serve two purposes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Runtal Radiators

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Radiant in the floor would be my choice too. A toe-kick heater might be a good option if you have a vanity rather than a pedestal or wall-hung sink. They go underneath and blow out warm air. A hydronic towel bar heater is a thought, but heat near the floor always works best if you want your toes warm.

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