1 inch vs. 4 inch media

mike_homeMarch 14, 2009

I have started getting quotes to replace my furnaces and condensers. I am looking at the Carrier Infinity ICS variable speed furnace with the Infinity 17 condenser. My set up is two zone for a two story house (2 independent furnaces/condsensers).

The first company suggested going with a 1 inch media filter. Other companies are saying they always use a 4 inch media. The last company is saying the Carrier filter compartment can hold either a 1 inch or 4 inch filter.

Here are my questions:

Would I be making a mistake going with a 1 inch filter?

I realize the 1 inch will create greater static pressure, but won't the Infinity controller compensate for this?

Does the Infinity furnace come with the 4 inch media box?

If it does, why would an installer bother to create a duct to house a 1 inch filter?

I understand the 4 inch filter may require a yearly change versus a 3-4 time change with a 1 inch. Will the cost of the filters be about the same?

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I believe that the Carrier filters are proprietary and a bit pricey.

Their filter housings MAY be an option. If you're not tied into it, I would opt for a 4" filter such as an Aprilaire or other. The replacements are available from numerous sources and there are generic equivalents, if you are so inclined.


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I bent the tabs in on my filter holder so it would hold a 4" filter instead of just a 1". I think it gives a bunch more surface area of filter media which should help lower the static pressure. I could hear it build suction as I slid the new 1" filters in place when new and it was horrible after a month and no one here smokes and we don't burn candles. I slid the 4" filter in and could barely hear any change in the air noise. I still do not see waiting a year to change it like the wrap said, that is nuts. I think 4 months is a good interval and go from there.
If you can make a 4" filter fit I would sure do it, especially if the filter media is pleated.

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