(hopefully) a simple tile question

tansunnyDecember 10, 2011

About this time last year, we refinished our hardwood floors and had new tile put in by the front door (used to be slate...at least from the 1970's maybe earlier....house was built in '57).

Anyhow, the tile is right next to the wood floors. Most of it seems pretty secure, except right where the tile meets the hardwood the grout cracks and breaks away. The guy who did our tile explained this would happen because wood is going to expand and contract, I guess we're just a little surprised about how quickly it is happening.

Is there anything we can do to minimize this? Any sealant or anything like that? As I say, the rest of the tile and grout is in fine condition.


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They make a sanded or unsanded caulk that matches your grout. you cant tell the difference and that is what should have been used at the wood.

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Yes: caulk, not grout, should be used at changes in plane and at changes in material.

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Aha! I suspsected as much.

What brand name should I be looking for? Or is it sold in by the same companies that make the grout? It sounds like a simple enough do-it-yourself project for my husband once I get my hands on the grout.

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You can buy any caulk you want. But if you want it to match the grout, look for sanded caulk in the same color as the grout, made by the manufacturer of the grout.

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