Where did ricardog's posts go?

sombreuil_mongrelOctober 17, 2006

Were they removed by admin? Was he a troll? I can see where he was a bit inflamatory, but then so is throwing gasoline on a bonfire. He must have really pressed somebody's button.


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Unfortunately some people just love to complain. When the moderator(s) receives a complaint, the threads/post magically disappear - right, wrong or indifferent.

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Well, he was just a troublemaker anyway, regardless of how funny he was. I forget who was so funny in their responses...it really was quite entertaining.

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He sure seemed like a troll, yet he said he was a long time lurker............
The threads lasted long enough that he could have chimed back but he never did. It was funny but eventually it would have turned ugly I think.

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I think he was just bored (three sheets to the wind?) that night and decided to stir things up. Hope no one took offence, as I doubt he was serious.

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He wasn't a long time lurker, he just joined in September. He posted on a lot of forums, and his posts were pretty nasty on all of them. If he had anything useful to offer, it clearly got lost in the flames.

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On some other boards I belong to, the admins will ban a user, lock the topic, but its rare to see threads disappear. When you can follow a objectionable thread from a banned user, you at least get to see the why's and wherefor's of the shunning.

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I posted some pictures of my cat and they magically disappeared. How does someone complain to the moderator?

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Od, go to the very bottom of the discussions page, there is a link to Letters and Comments and you can email the moderator that way.

I don't think your pics can magically disappear; try reloading the page, on some computers it's called refresh page ; or quit and start again so you can see your pictures. On my browser, I click on View, and there is an option to reload the page. Sometimes, there is a delay before pics start loading in a thread.

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I think they are cracking down. In the Buying and Selling a House forum, a post that was nasty (but not any worse than others I have seen) disappeared along with the responses to the post telling the guy to lighten up.

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