Vinyl flooring for basement

gangaft_agleyDecember 15, 2010

I'm looking for vinyl flooring in simulated wood plank style for a basement. Water after a storm doomed the carpet there, and I want something I won't have to worry about. Thus whatever I get can't float; it must be glued down. That leaves out Adura(r) as Mannington now requires you float the stuff. Other recommendations I've had are Nafco(r) (Tarkett(r)) and StainMaster(r). The basement floor is linoleum tile. (Actually, I don't know what it is, but it's from the '50s, so I assume it's mostly asbestos, so it has to stay where it is.)

Would it be too much to ask for something not made from equal parts melamine and recylced metal from old dental X-ray machines made by child slave labor in rural Qidong?



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Hey there gangaft agley,

Mr. Jay here with The Home Depot.

It sounds like you would be interested in the vinyl plank floor called Allure/Konecto. They're made of non-toxic type materials, so your safety is assured. Do a google search for them to check out more info.

They are meant to float, but you could always glue them down with a urethane based adhesive. Just make sure to check the with the manufacturer though, as that may void any warranty on the product.

Hope that helps~

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We have a Congoleum floor called Duraplank in our basement.It is a glue-down vinyl product and it has survived a couple of severe wettings. One human caused (someone let a sink overflow upstairs) and one caused by Mother Nature and a rain-barrel that was over come by the remnants of a hurricane. I'm talking MAJOR water both times. Floor dried out beautifully. Duraplank is not cheap...but it still looks great after being down for three years.

That window on the right side of the picture? That's the window-well that dumped the water on the floor. Filled up and the water came in over the sill. Luckily I came home to check on things...pulled the downspout out of the rain-barrel and got the huge puddle mopped up. (Also--we are lucky it didn't get as far as the rug.)

And here's a picture of the hall that was an inch underwater because someone forgot to turn off a sink while rinsing out a bathing suit:

No mold or mildew after we mopped up and dried out. I did run fans...but I'm not certain they were necessary.


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Price for 400 square feet.?

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4.50 Sq Ft Just DuraPlank approx

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