Have you been Ghosted?

proudmamato4October 26, 2006

Please see this link in Cooking conversations. It's really a cute idea.


Here is a link that might be useful: Ghosting thread

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Our neighborhhod has been doing it for at least 5yrs, This is our 3rd halloween here and our kids love ghosting theor friends. The best part, according to them, is ringing the doorbell and running off without being seen. It's a big adventure.

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We've been doing this for years as well. The kids wait with baited breath to get "booed", as well call it. We make sure that after our kids get booed, they pass it on to others who haven't been booed yet (rather than just re-booing their friends) so it does not turn into a popularity contest. In the end, every family with kids gets booed and even some who don't have kids. It's great fun. I highly recommend starting it to get the neighborhood spirit up!

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Sure beats eggs, soap, and toilet paper!!

This has got to be one of the neatest Ideas I've heard yet!! No one gets hurt, and it still sounds like alot of fun!!

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LOL, the first time I experienced this was about 8 years ago. I opened the door and found some candy and a letter. Ate the candy and tossed the letter without reading. Then I got another bag of candy a couple days later. Ate the candy and tossed the letter. And then a 3rd bag of candy, and since I'm pretty slow but I usually get there in the end, I finally read the letter and figured out what was going on! So what did I do? Ate the candy and tossed the letter. Ok, when the fourth bag of candy arrived I finally put the letter or ghost or whatever in the window (I told you I was slow). This is what happens when you let a DH answer the doorbell.

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we've been ghosting for about 5-6 years around here...

though this year, after crouching in our neighbors bushes in the puring rain for 10 minutes while they put out their trash, it doesn't have quite the allure anymore...

FYI--it is best to ghost friends who don't have motion actived flood lights...


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My kids had a blast with DH last night and over-ghosted the neighbors. Did 6 houses, although having been ghosted twice, we were only obligated to do 4. It is such fun!

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