basement heating idea

andrelaplume2March 1, 2013

I am wrapping up my basement. There are two area. The first is about 23 x 23...thats 100% done except for flooring. The second is about 12 x 20....its at the drywall stage.

The temp is pretty much 63 or higher down there.

I have one forced air heat duct off my main duct in my 23 x 23 area. Its contibuting I guess but not likely very much.

I was told by the ac guys they could drop in a few more and a return but they thought I'd likely still need some sort auxiliary heat to warm it a bit.

I understand all this and to be honest I thinking about just forgoing anymore lines. I really don't think they will contribute much and I am hsitant to put a return in and bring the smell of my daughters 'furry friends' thru the house!

Seriously, there is no issue in the summer. For the winter, I need something the kids can turn on when they go down that will warm the area pretty quick and not cost a fortune....especially in the 12 x 20 area that will likely have couches and a tv.

I am having the 12 x 20 area wired soon and will then be drywalling is my chance to have some baseboard(s) wired in and at stat added. Is it worth it or is it best to just use a portable fin radiator or portable ceramic heater. It would need to run enough to get the temp up to 68 - 70 degrees from 63+-.


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I have a finished basement, with a register tied into the first floor furnace. The problem is the first floor furnace does not run much during the day when it is sunny or the stove and oven are in use. The first floor is 70 degrees, but the basement may be 65-68.

My basement has 8 100W halogen lights in the ceiling. When I turn these up the basement will warm in 3-4 degrees in about a half hour. The plasma TV and the computer also help warm up the basement.

A portable electric heater would work well. It does not take much energy to raise the temperature.

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I would consider another takeoff duct for the 12x20 area with no return and an in-line blower in the takeoff to pump more hot air; a basement Tstat would control the damper and blower.
Alternatively, if you consider electric baseboard, the cost of electricity and the basement usage should factor into the thinking.

But before you choose a method, have a competent HVAC guy calculate the heat load. They have computer programs to do this.

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