Yogurt didn't set

bellamartMarch 13, 2011

Anyone know how to fix yogurt that didn't set? I guess it's because I forgot to preheat my yogurt maker. It stayed watery and I hate to throw all that milk out! Is there a way to reheat it and try again? Would I have to add more yogurt to what I already put in it or is it a lost cause?

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Probably not....chances are huge that other bacteria has taken over and you will never make that milk into yogurt.
But try reheating and adding a bit more starter.....what's to lose?
Frankly I would make bread with the failed yogurt and start making yogurt again from new milk.
Linda C

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I agree, I've never been able to salvage runny yogurt, although I've tried a couple of times.

I use it in place of sour cream in my baking, so I'd use it up that way or make some smoothies, and try again.


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That figures. 5 1/4 cups of organic whole milk I just wasted trying to make some homemade yogurt for my DS. Urrrrgh!!! Oh well, what a good excuse to start baking, I guess...

Thanks for quick responses.


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What did you want to use it for, for your DS? Sure, he can't eat it thick by itself but as Annie said you can sure go ahead and make smoothies with it. Use a half a banana and other fruit and it will be thick enough and tasty, and most important, nutritious. Yup also to baking. I'd probably use some in making biscuits or scones. Even pancakes and such would be good uses. Hey, that's only a little more than a cup, so it will go faster than you think. Next time double check your temps and maybe even add a little more yogurt to start it. It won't hurt.

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Bella, my girls love smoothies made of just yogurt, some frozen strawberries and that half a banana. I leave out the banana, but the frozen berries keep it cold and thick.

A half a banana, spoonful of peanut butter and squirt of Hershey's syrup makes Ashley happy, and she'll use yogurt instead of milk in that with no complaints.


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Oh yes, coconut-nj, my lil' man can and does eat it plain and thick. He absolutely adores it! It's like a treat to him (which is ok by me - no sugar in it!). And because he seems to cut 2 teeth at a time, he gets horrible diaper rash. A couple of times it turned into a yeast infection. I try to give him yogurt as much as possible to keep it in check.

Yeah, I was thinking pancakes and maybe a white or chocolate cake. Wouldn't smoothies be too watery though, I mean with yogurt that isn't thickened?

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bella, as I mentioned, if I use frozen fruit, it comes out thick, like an ice cream shake. If I use plain fresh fruit, it's a lot thinner.

I've also seen "drinkable" yogurt drinks in the grocery store, they are more like thick milk and can be slurped through a straw. You could make a beverage for him with that.


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