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ellendiAugust 13, 2014

Unless I've missed it, we haven't had one for a while.

Today I had my annual mamo, ultrasound with bone density thrown in for good measure.

Results for mamo and ultrasound are all clear! I will do my annual GYN in six months, so I am checked every six months.

How is everyone doing health wise?

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Hanging my head in shame, I have not been to the gym in a month, but I've been working hard ( too long to explain, a few moves and house cleanups) . I miss it though and intend to resume soon.

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Exercising just fine, but too much eating. We've had guests for 5 days and getting ready for another round of guests.

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I am sorry to say my exercising has gone downhill since I got back from San Francisco and my eating hasn't been that great either. I have had a terrible time with shoulder pain, and even walking was hurting. I finally started going in for acupuncture and got back to my massage therapist, and am feeling much better now.

We are leaving for another trip tomorrow, and I hope to do lots of hiking and walking. I will need to watch my eating, though, which is hard on vacation. Thanks for checking in on us!

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I had my annual exam this week and my mammo today. I'm interpreting the fact that I left there without additional views needed and that I didn't have to consult with the radiologist as a good sign.

I am a participant in the HOW (Health of Women) study with the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation. This is an excerpt from an email I received this week:
There is, however, one factor that is related to breast cancer risk that we CAN do something about: exercise. By increasing physical activity, a woman can reduce her breast cancer risk.

Studies that have used questionnaires similar to those we use in the [HOW] Study have shown that the risk of invasive breast cancer is decreased by 20-40% among physically active women. There is also evidence of a dose-response, meaning the more exercise you do, the more your breast cancer risk decreases. For those women who have gone through menopause results are consistent, showing that physically active women have a decreased risk of breast cancer. However, among women who have not yet undergone menopause (premenopausal women), the data are lacking. Because most studies have not had enough premenopausal women in them, the evidence that the most active women have a decreased risk for breast cancer has been inconsistent, and therefore requires further investigation. While few studies have examined whether exercise affects breast cancer risk among racial or ethnic minority women, two studies have shown that black women and Latina women who participated in higher levels of exercise throughout their lives have a decreased risk.

To bottom line it - exercise can help reduce your risk for breast cancer. You can't control some of the risks but you can exercise.

In other health news, my husband has his 5 year post cancer check up this week. As much as I enjoy our once a year visit with the doctor, I'm hoping he tells us we don't need to return any more. It will never be completely gone from our thoughts but being released by the doctor will/might relieve some worry from my husband's mind.

So, all in all, I'm healthy and happy. I'm mixing up my exercising to keep it interesting and avoid overuse injuries. I'm continuing to eat healthy food 90% of the time (a girl needs a splurge once in awhile). I hope everyone is taking care of themselves.

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ellendi, thank you for starting this!
Glad that your test results are good. Yipee!

hhireno, Susan Love has done an extraordinary job educating women about breast cancer and treatment options. Yes, exercise does reduce the risk, and I am glad that you are taking care of yourself by exercising and eating well. Congrats to DH on the 5 year mark. Yeah!

Here: Check up with opthomologist: rx. for new progressives. No signs of glaucoma, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Yeah! She dx. rosacea on my face-boo!

Annual visit with dermatologist-confirmed mild rosacea, no treatment necessary. Full-body mole scan negative. Yeah!

Next visit: PCP for annual physical and then a visit with an endocrinologist to check my thyroid (underactive-Hashimoto's).

Overall, feeling good, and trying to take care of myself. It takes SO much work, doesn't it?

Best to all!

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Eating is good - still big reduction in sweets due to initiative of DH. We will have something once in a while but no longer have stuff in the house all the time. Exercise is still not up to previous frequency but I'm still hanging in with exercise on the weekend or when I have other time off from work. Weight is stable but up a few pounds from when I used to exercise more.

I finally couldn't take my lack of sleep anymore (side effect of a medication) and asked my internist if there was anything "safe" that I can take to help me stay asleep. Getting to sleep not a problem but I wake up every 60-90 mins and then awake 15-30 mins. She prescribed an old antidepressant medication that is used off label for insomnia. It seems to be working very well though I've only taken it for a few days. I'm planning to take on work nights but not on weekend nights for a while to see what happens. I hate taking more meds but at a certain point you realize quality of life requires it.

I'm still at work. Haven't worked until 7pm in about two years - since I started having the insomnia. I used to work a lot more but since becoming a zombie around 2pm from lack of sleep I have not been putting in my normal hours. Hence I'm only getting half the stuff done that I should be getting done. I started to think my job would be in jeopardy at some point if I don't do something. Happy to be putting in a full day today even if I'm not home exercising. I like my work, want to do a good job and don't mind a long day now and then.

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Sleep disruptions are so frustrating. Since poor sleep can change your quality of life, it makes sense to take medication. I hope it offers you relief from the problem.

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