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cbarkstonOctober 3, 2006

I'm investing in some good quality sandals at end-of-the-year close-out prices!!! I only do this every several years so I'd like to invest in some shoes with longevity, not only as far as wear, but with classic style, too. I'd like your opinions on longevity of the "thong" style sandal as opposed to just plain old open toe, open heel strappy type casual sandals. Do you think the "between the toe" style will be around and in fasion for a few more years or do you think they're at the end of the trail, so to speak? And while we're at it---what do you think about the capri pant? A fasion "yesterday" or are they at the tail-end of a trend???!!! TIA for you advice!!!

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According to Spring 2007 collections, ballet flats, high wedges and platforms are "in". I didn't see any models in the collections wearing thongs. Thank goodness - I hate them. And I live at the beach! I think the thong thing will die soon.

Capris are still "in" but will go skinny - a la the Audrey Hepburn look.

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Thongs are HUGE and have been for the last few years. I don't see an end in sight. Chicest are embellished so if you like beads and stones, go for it.

Capris are back. Yay. Gotta say, I'm getting a bit sick of jeans. But why do they make dead people sing and dance in commercials and think that will make me buy something? I will never get it.

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Thongs are classic. They are always in style.
They are in the stores every year, although some years more than others.
If you love them and they fit, go for it!

I think capri pants will be around for a long time. They are a wonderful alternative to shorts in the summer, especially when you are too old or self conscious to wear shorts.

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Dead people shouldn't have to get up & sing any more than they should hawk products they clearly never enjoyed in life. This is a most disturbing trend and makes me think of many things that have nothing to do with opening my wallet!

rococogurl, thanks for bring this up. I don't plan on making any commercials or doing anything else in the afterlife I perhaps should have been paid or at least thanked for doing while I was still of sound body & mind..... Most confusing, especially for those of us at an age where we are most often confused!

As for capris & thongs & such, I say wear what's comfortable with aplomb and create fashion. And I much prefer thongs on my feet. Please no one tell my teen DD I've been spotted dishing out fashion advice on the internet, she'll never stop laughing.....

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