Kitchen angst is alive and well . . . AGAIN !!

kitchencrazychrisOctober 2, 2007

I feel like this is where I come when I need to feel total empathy !! ONLY those who have been through remodels can fully appreciate the angst, then the Ah-h-h-h-h feeling that comes from all the blood, sweat and tears !!!

It's been two plus years since our remodel, and I LOVED LOVED our kitchen !! Everything about it was wonderful, and every morning I'd go into our kitchen and just be so happy . . . made all the right choices, etc . . . loved it all ~~~ Long story short here . . . we have maple cabs, with a cream, kind of baked on finish, that was supposed to be chip-proof. We started getting a few chinks . . .

some in the higher water areas, like in front of the sink . .others from where the joints weren't totally smooth, others where there had been small bubbles in the paint finish, and when these kind of broke . . . the paint chipped. The company we got the cabs from has been a class act all the way along . . . We have a life-time warranty with the cabs, so brought all this chipping to their attention. They came out and looked at it, with their paint expert . . . said they'd re-do all the areas that needed to be re-done. GREAT, I said !! When it came time to pick up the things that needed to be re-done, they said they were going to re-do ALL our cab. doors and drawers, . . that they had an even better finish now . .

They said it might be a tiny bit off color wise from our frames, but that the color difference would only look like shadowing . . . I must say, I was a bit depressed when they took EVERYTHING away . . . but had trust in them.

Yesterday all the new doors, drawers were installed, and I am just sick about it all. The color difference is really obvious against the frames of our cabs, plus we have an island that for the most part, except for the drawers, is of the older shade, plus we have our custom built hutch that is totally of the old shade. Our older cream was, to me, a richer cream . . . looked older . . . maybe with a little more beige in it . . . the new cream has peachy tones to it at certain times of the day . . . Alone, they'd be okay, but on our frames and against existing things there, it looks pretty bad, and I am just sick !!

My dream kitchen has turned into my nightmare kitchen !!

The granite we have is perfect with the older color, not as perfect with the new. Even the stainless appliances don't look as good . . . The new stuff looks kind of shiny, and in your face !! We have glass knobs with a brushed nickel finish, and even they don't look good on the new stuff. When the guy was installing everything yesterday, I was aware of seeing a slight color difference, then when the afternoon sun hit, it was really obvious. I haven't called the company yet . . . and am not looking forward to it. They were so nice to re-do everything, but I do think they should have realized that these two colors would not match. I'd give anything to have my old cabs back again, chips and all. It was just about 15%,if that, that needed to be re-done.

So, anyway, . . . my family doesn't even want to hear about it, so can't bounce it off them . . .

so, here I am . . . taking it to the Forum !!!!

I guess I'll go out to their showroom/factory today, and see what they can do. This is such a quality company, and customer satisfaction is such a huge thing with them, that I'm hoping they'll make it right. I don't understand why they couldn't match our old shade exactly.

Well, thanks for letting me vent . . . Once again, I'm feeling of the mindset that I don't ever want to make another decision EVER, because I feel that everything I ever decide to do turns to mush !!!!!!!!!!! With the kitchen, I thought I finally had something right !!!!!

And now, it pretty much puts my stomach into knots to walk into it . . . Just frustrated and sad . . .


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My heart sank when I read your post. I can only tell you that you will have the empathy of many here at GW. Please post again to let us know if this company can ultimately give back to you the kitchen of your dreams.

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oofasis . . . thanks for your empathy !!!! Appreciated, to be sure !!!!
An update . . . went out to the showroom/factory . . .
Talked with someone who actually makes the cabs. and said that ANY color can be duplicated !! Nicest guy . . .
said someone will be out to take a look . . . I had a sample of our "old" vs. the "new" with me, and he right off the bat could tell it was not right at all !!!
Thank goodness !!!! So, I am feeling lots better this afternoon !!! It sounds like I will get back the kitchen of my dreams !!!! All along, this has just been a company of superior values and products . . .

So, there's the update for today . . . Life is good again !!!


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What a relief. Best of luck.

And don't hesitate to post this kind of thing on the 'other side' as this seemes very on topic, not at all off topic.

Just in case you need like, 100 people validating you. Which of course you don't. Cause you are right. And they should fix it. Happy it sounds like they will.

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congrats--that validation from the guy who actually makes the cabs is a great thing.

It sounds like this company is STILL a class act.

And I bet they themselves would say (heck, they did--their cabinet guy did), they'd rather you make them redo them all over again, than that you "feel sick" when you look at your kitchen.

you need to tell us all the NAME of this cabinet company that has treated you so well.

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Agree with Talley Sue, please share the name.

And a great big sigh of relief for you that this will all work out.

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Mistakes happen to everyone. There is no such a thing as a major remodel without a problem. The question is not how to avoid all of them but how to deal with them. Your cabinet company looks like it is a keeper as they are very willing to work with you to get what you want. That's the attitude that counts! Good luck with the next steps!!

Our reno company has given us our share of problems, more than doubled the estimated time for the entire remodel - and we still recommend them because they were always there to make things right when problems - inevitably - arose. Never once tried to weasel their way out of it. So we're very happy with the final result.

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