cannot choose my hardwood flooring!!!

KateB22December 26, 2013

new construction. I know I want hardwood. I have been going back and forth for a while and need to choose this week.
My house is a nice classic pretty house and Iwill decorate with whites off white/white kitchen/ kind of shabby chic style. pink throw pillows, farrow and ball paint.

I want an elegant nice hardwood floor and do not know which one!
I had almost decided on birch but now feel it is both too pink and too yellow.
so now I am considering maple but am not sure if it is too light and too bland? maybe we could stain it but we would prefer unstained but are open to stain as an option.

What is a nice mellow easy pretty elegant hardwood floor???

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I love red elm, but you'll have a difficult time finding that. However, site finished quartered and rift sawn white oak makes for a timeless and great looking floor.

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Sophie Wheeler

You will never go wrong with oak. It's durable and classic.

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I have been considering white oak as well but have mixed feelings on it. In one way it s so busy- in another way it is classic.
I love the look of the classic English home and wonder if white oak is a common floor choice for those. Anyway--- it feels really overwhelming to choose the flooring and we have to decide soon. I have been thinking aobut it for mnths! I was almost sure of the yellow birch, but now I am thinking white oka or birch or maple---- the white oak samples I have look really brown and I prefer beige. I need to get some more samples to compare. At one point I said I don't like oak! I even ordered mt stair treads in maple to avoid oak . . . but now I am considering oak flooring. ugh I am confused.

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Sophie Wheeler

Hire a designer to help you. There are only about 3000 decisions that you will face when building and if you don't have a clear overall vision statement to guide you, you'll be lost.

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I hear you on the designer thing-- but however we are at the tail end of the decisions and at this point I just need to figure out my bedroom lighting and the flooring ( and the fixtures) so there is no time to find a designer.

right now I am considering bleached oak floors--- I saw a photo of them. I will put a new post up about this

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