Mohawk Smartstrand with Dupont Sorona help

scoutmstrDecember 12, 2012

We had decided on Mohawk Smartstrand with Dupont Sorona some time ago and are finally getting around to it. I was reading through a thread entilted "Dupont's new Sorona carpet" that is years old. The carpet sample we have and think we'd like to get is Style 1152 Posh Origins Color Cavern but I have some questions for carpetgirl if she's still on the forum. Based on some discussions on the previous mentioned thread where can I find out info on what the density is, face weight etc. Is there a database somewhere? Does this color and style go by other names and is this a frieze ? Also we are looking to put this in the hall over concrete in AZ which is a high traffic area and would like to know what type (name) of pad to put down and how to have it joined/seamed. Also is our thoughts on the carpet correct as to it's quality and is there a higher quality Mohawk Smartstrand with Dupont Sorona we should look at. Total area is 144 square feet so cost isn't a big issue since area is so small.

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I'm not Carpetgirl, but I do have answers to some of your questions..

-Posh Origins also goes by the name Intelligent Style. Both are 60oz face wt, density is 29.36

-You can go on the Mohawk website to see all the different colors/styles/names

-2 New Smartstrand carpets were recently released-Smartstrand Silk & Smartstrand Ultra--both can be researched on the Mohawk site

-Posh Origins and Intelligent Style are the Sorona Smartstrand line. Posh Origins is available at the big box stores at an unbeatable price--the local dealers were not happy about that and Mohawk came out with the Silk & ultra which are supposedly only available at the local dealers stores.

For what it's worth, we have the Smartstrand Intelligent Style and we love it so far. Super soft & luxurious and it cleans up with plain old tap water and a soft cloth!

Hope this helps!

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I checked both home depot and lowes and didn't find Posh Origins at either. Which big box stores were you talking about?

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I'm sure you're sold on the Origins, not trying to sway you another way. However, we have the Silk in our bedrooms, thought we loved it.

Looked at the Tigressa by Shaw, found a textured carpet which reminded us of our 20+ yr old plush in the living/hall/stairs. All of our family wished we would've looked at this first. Ended getting Tigressa in the areas mentioned,plus we paid $5 less per yard than the Silk.

A life long friend, which is a Master Carpet installer, said we made a good choice, and it's a good "rug". He's the one who installed it for us.

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Just took a quick look at Lowe's website and it appears they changed the name to 'Preseton' 60oz face wt or 'Charming Spirit' 58oz face wt. The best thing I can recommend is to go down there and compare the samples on the sales floor. You already know the specs on the Posh Origins, so you should be able to just match them up to whatever name the store you're in has been assigned for that particular level of SS.

Following up from Roof35's post--I've linked another thread below that gives some excellent insight into the differences between the 2 carpets.

Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Mohawk Smartstrand vs. Shaw Anso R2X (Tigressa)

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mydreamhome... Can appreciate the opinions from people on this website. However, I didn't see any reference from where people have the 2 kinds of carpets in their home.

Kinda surprised you linked to where Floortech said all positives, but didn't like to where he was changing his mind about SmartStrand.

I'm not trying to convince anyone which is better. Just that we have the two brands in our home, and prefer the Tigressa. You will find negatives on both with a Google search.

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I'm trying to choose carpet too, and in order to get info on density, face weight, etc. I actually had to have the person at the carpet store (not big box) have the Karastan rep fax the spec sheets on each of the styles I liked. I couldn't find the info anywhere else. Then I made a chart to compare all the numbers. Hope this helps. You really have to search out this info, they don't readily provide it.

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Sophie Wheeler

I have never been in an actual flooring store that didn't have all of that information readily available. It's usually located on the back label of the larger carpet sample. Even the big box stores usually make that info available on their samples, or in the spec books that they have.

If a retailer doesn't make that info available, then they are suspect as a retailer. Perhaps they are selling seconds, or are not authorized sellers of the product.

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I have Smartstrand and love it. I think Floortech "changed his mind" about it because of the problem using certain vacuum cleaners. I bought a $50 shark vacuum from Sams and it works like a dream.

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I am getting a large quantity of SS frieze multi for the basement and kids bedrooms of our large new construction house.

There is nothing else I am or would even consider given the quality per dollar spent.

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I'm sorry if anyone thought my link was biased. I found that it gave a very upfront comparison of the 2 carpets' performance under various circumstances that may occur in any household. Additionally, Floortech gave multiple pros and cons for BOTH carpets--not just positives for 1 of them--and included warranty info. Bichonlover is correct in his statement on why Floortech had "changed his mind" on the Smartstrand based on postings here on GW.

While I do not have both carpets in my home--just the Smartstrand--that's all I can comment on firsthand. Our carpet dealer did show us Shaw's competitive carpet to the Smartstrand and my preference was still for Smartstrand based on the softness factor as well as the stain properties being in the fiber vs. being applied like Shaw's.

In the interest of fairness, I have linked a search of GW using key words 'Floortech Smartstrand Shaw' for anyone who is interested.

Here is a link that might be useful: GW Search Results 'Floortech Smartstrand Shaw'

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For what it's worth, I'm familiar with Posh Origins/Intelligent Style and that is a great style of SmartStrand. I have no doubt that you would love it.

I know Roof35 mentioned Tigressa by Shaw. The one thing I would point out is that Tigressa is nylon carpet, and that means the stain protection is a topically applied treatment that will wear off over time. With SmartStrand, the stain resistance is built-into the fiber itself and is permanent.

In my opinion, you just can't beat SmartStrand. You mentioned cushion-- check out Mohawk's SmartCushion, too. I've heard nothing but good things and I think some of the proceeds benefit cancer research.

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I worked for Mohawk and worked as a carpet rep for many yrs. Trying to 'compare' carpet by looking at specs is fairly useless. The box stores post info as a way to get you to upgrade. Most carpet samples do not have info. A short dense product with a low pile ht and maybe a lower face wt could well outperform a product with a high face wt and a longer pile height. Its not just a matter of seeing which number is bigger. You need to know the twist of the yarn, the style of the carpet and other things to make a decision. Is there an 'appearance' retention or a anti-crush warranty? Those are likely better indicators of performance than a big #. I know in the day of the internet everything is online but to translate into useful information you still need help to decide. You won't find that at a big box store.

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I am looking for new carpet and am interested in the experiences of those of you who chose the smartstrand.

Lowe's has sorona Charming Spirit which they say is a 58oz, 3080 density, 6.5 twist, 4.5 PAR for $3.24 ft.

We're trying to decide between that and a Stainmaster Euphoria II, which is a nylon 6,6 with basically the same specs, price, and rating as the Smartstrand.

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