Kahle's Kitchen Cabinet Quality?

RBHHKOctober 6, 2013

Has anyone used Kahle's Kitchen cabinets? We are doing a remodel in a neighborhood where clients are very aware of brand names and quality. We came across a local cabinet designer that uses Kahle's, but haven't been able to find ANY information on this brand.

Anyone out there use this company and have criticism or complements?

I'd REALLY appreciate the help. Not sure what manufacturer to go with and the sales guy seemed knowledgeable and confident.

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If you haven't already, I suggest posting this on the "Discussions" side of Kitchens. This is the "Conversations" side that's for off-topic, general conversation types of topics. The Discussions side of Kitchens is for on-topic discussions concerning kitchen remodels. You will most likely get many more responses over there.

Good luck!

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Just came across this post. I don't know if you are still following it. I have Kahle's cabinets. They are fine. When I remodeled my kitchen ten years ago, I had to do a moderately priced (not cheap, not high-end) remodel. The Kahle's cabinets were the right price. I think the doors on the model I chose are a bit thin, if that makes any sense.

I actually had a door of a lower cabinet come off! I think that was because I always leaned on it to stand up. I put it back on myself and it's been fine.

Aren;t they manufactured near Lancaster, PA?

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