Wood Floors: when are they "clean"?

SparklingWaterDecember 3, 2012

Hi everyone. I have finished wood floors and clean them regularly by dusting and as per instructions, using Bona Hard Wood Floor Cleaner. I've been known for years to do the whole house over a series of days with large cotton covered mops and on my hands and knees in corners or tough spots, taking my time to get them really clean. Repetitive change out of cotton rags to new white ones as I go.

Recently after I had just cleaned in this manner over a series of days, a gentlemen, helping me with my floors chronic dullness, took a clean rag or whatever (don't recall) and my Bona Cleaner and sprayed the floor and wiped. The rag showed some discoloration: not black, some brown, some light beige. He summed it up that my floors weren't "clean".

There is hardly any finish left on these wood floors so whatever comes in (mainly minus shoes) goes on them in spite of my regular dutch cleaning. I am working to address this.

How do you tell when your wood floor cleaning is "clean enough"? Are your cleaning rags white upon finish? Thank you for the kindness of a response as this is a serious matter to me. Happy Holidays to you all.

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Have you ever used any other cleaning product on the floor since the last time they were finished?

When was the last time they were refinished?

Color of floor?

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Hi, these are white oak floors stained Duraseal RoseWood (love it!) and then Bona Polyurethane Waterborne Finish applied (three coats). But the sheen was too low from the get go (we weren't asked about the various Bona Finish choice of sheens, although my spouse and I made a point of mentioning a polyurethane-like high gloss finish) and the Bona finish seemed to disappear shortly thereafter into the wood. :/ Nothing but Bona Hard Wood Floor cleaner ever touched my floors.

Long story-but I did communicate with the highly recommended wood floor re-finisher about the floors dullness/lack of finish. Much later the wood floor inspector was sent, who said the "dullness" were because the floors were "dirty".

I believe I will need to have the floors abraded lightly and professionally refinished, using a different floor re-finisher as well as product line than Bona this time given what transpired. Just such a shame given the highly recommended referral, great effort put into clearing out the house (at request) and vacating, and attentive post re-finish to Bona Hard Wood Floor Care instructions (not to mention the obvious big bill).

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