Upgrade SEER or zone room over 3 car garage separately?

lexmomof3March 18, 2013

Sorry for the cross post but i need suggestions ASAP. We are in central SC. The house is a 1.5 story with approximately 4400 sq ft. The upstairs has 3 bedrooms and a small open area as well as a long playroom over a 3 car garage. We are going to foam the roofline and upgrade to R-15 in the walls. There are two units (13 Seer). The downstairs is gaspac and upstairs is electric. Our builder has offered the following now that we're foaming and a lesser unit is needed.
1- take a $1,000 credit
2- upgrade downstairs unit to 14 SEER, variable speed unit with dehumidifier.
3- leave units as 13 SEER but make the room over the garage a separate zone.

We could do a combination of these but would have to pay additional (about $1,000 to zone the room over the garage separtly, and about $1,000 to upgrade to the next SEER level). so I want to make sure we will get a good return on the investment.

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as per post on building forum,
put savings on smaller hvac towards higher
SEER for area over garage.
add zoning IF the hvac company has experience.

even with foam sealed attic these rooms
experience higher temps than first floor rooms.
putting something more efficient than the
minimial equipment produced just makes sense.

hvac affects our comfort everyday, unlike other
appliances that make life easier. putting more
$$ into hvac for comfort just makes sense.

best of luck.

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