Pros/Cons to buying carpet from Lowe's

kgolbyDecember 28, 2006

I researched before posting this question and didn't really find any positive or negative feedback regarding purchasing carpet at Lowe's. I found a Mohawk frieze from their premium collection at a great price. I was referred to ProSource and went there but Lowe's price is suprisingly cheaper for a much better quality carpet. If anyone can give me some feedback it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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I definitely like buying from Lowe's or Home Depot. The price is very reasonable and there is no playing games that other carpet chains play. Some will tell you that they just get the cheapest contractors to install that don't care about quality, but they are always evaluating their contractors with customer feedback and you do have the warranty to fall back on. Get them when they have their 10% off and free pad sales and it is a no-brainer to me!

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Thanks for the good feedback. 10% off sale is suppose to start next Monday, Jan. 1st.

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Lowes like HD sometimes have great buys on carpet. The criticism is that box stores usually add 10% more onto the bid so sometimes the amount of carpet they charge you for is more than you need. If you can get some independent installer to estimeate the yardage first that would help. I know HD marks up their labor and charges for things that most local stores dont. Most of the problems at least with HD is that there is seldom good communication between the store and installation. HD used to not even schedule the install until the carpet arrived in the wharehouse. I used to work for Mohawk.

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I did have an independent installer come out so I know approx. the square footage of my bedroom and how much carpet I'll need to buy.

The thing that surprised me so much w/ Lowe's was they had better prices than ProSource. The carpet I'm looking at installed w/ the premium pad is $5.48/sq. ft. before any sales that are suppose to be in place Jan. 1st. If I was looking at this same carpet at ProSource I would have been looking at easily $7/sq. ft. after their 40% discount not including pad & installation.

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At least for me, HDepot had a special of free measurement. Other carpet places were going to charge me $50 and most of the places in the area use the same company. HDepot used the material estimate that company provided. I did have to wait a good time after the measurement for the HD "facilitator" to process my paperwork for the order and also for the carpet to arrive before setting the install date--probably a good thing because it ended up being backordered for 2 weeks! Other than those hiccups, I enjoyed the hassle free purchase and installation. The installation crew (3 people for 900 sq.ft.) seemed very professional and once done, went through the install with me and seemed very interested in my satisfaction.

While I shopped 2 other carpet places in the area, I had the impression that I was talking to a used car salesman. Definitely left a bad taste in my mouth.

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PROS: larger selection, better buying power so you can get a better price on the product and can usually upgrade for a lower price, they stand behind their products almost 100% of the time and will replace it if there are problems.

CONS: deplorable customer service at high volume times when there are alot of other customers, waiting times on heavy volume days, custom orders take longer to arrive, higher wait time if there are claims of problems.

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Well, so far, so good. I went in today and scheduled to have an installer come out to measure. Should hear from them to schedule an appt. by Thursday.

I've got another question though. I was told by another carpet salesman to look only for Stainmaster or WearDated II carpet w/ Tactese nylon. The Mohawk carpet I'm looking to purchase is WearDated w/ Durasoft nylon. Is this comparable to Tactese? The Lowe's salesman said I'm purchasing a high quality carpet. It's a Frieze, 65% density, I think that's the correct term, 100% nylon. Resiliency is rated excellent. Just want to make sure I'm purchasing a high quality grade of carpet. Tried researching it online but no luck. Does Mohawk have different names for the same carpet for the different stores that carry their product?

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I worked for Mohawk and yes, most carpets at chain stores are private labeled. I have no idea what 65% density refers to. Perhaps 65oz? Branded nylon like Wear dated or Stainmaster are just brand names of nylon. Some offer unique warranties, I know wear dated used to offer an appearance retention warranty, but there is no significant difference between a branded and a Mohawk name if the warranties are similar. Most carpet warrantys are pretty lame anyway so I wouldn't base a buying decision on brand name

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Yes, 65 oz. is what the label read. I knew I didn't have that right...ha!ha!

No, I'm not basing my purchase solely on Mohawk's name. It is a pretty piece of carpet and feels wonderful. The carpet I'm replacing is builder's grade that came w/ our house so I just want to make sure I'm getting carpet that will withstand 2 Labrador dogs & 2 young children.

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We used Lowe's for our carpet. There were a couple of minor glitches--Lowe's gave the subs the right address and wrong city, which created a day's delay in delivery, and they got the carpet earlier than we needed it, despite telling us they wouldn't have it right away, but the carpet is excellent, the installation was well done, the installers were nice and efficient, and the price was way lower than any that our GC's recommended source would give us, for a carpet we liked more than what the GC'c source had to offer. I would gladly use Lowe's again.

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builder grade carpet is generally 26 oz or so vs 65 you will see a big difference in density and appearance retention. It sounds like a good choice.

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I recently purchased carpet for my home from Lowes. It showed up when they said it would and I'm very happy with the quality. At my last house, I was all about the warranty and ordered a Karastan from Home Depot Expo. Paid for it and several weeks later, they called and said it had been discontinued. Long story short, the only carpet that was similar was a Karastan wool carpet, which was significantly more money. Another customer had the same problem I did and we teamed up. Expo made it good and gave me the wool Karastan for the same price as the other. It was about $50 yard more. So...I've had good experiences with Expo and Lowes. It is important to find out who the expert is in the department, because some of the salespeople were NOT knowledgeable about their products. Good luck!

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Thanks for the advice everyone. The installer is coming out on Monday to measure and hopefully by the end of January I'll have new carpet in my MBR. I'm just going to make sure what they order is actually the color and choice of carpet I selected. I've heard where people have ordered carpet and then once it's installed they don't think they got the correct carpet.

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Four years ago, I was in the market for some carpet. I was totally against buying from a big box, but their price was almost too good to be true. Turned out it was. After I ordered they dillydallied for over a month, saying it was backordered..etc. Finally, they told me it wasn't available anymore. I think they messed up their pricing and wanted to blow me off. I had another room on order and that one was not much better. They called me with an install date. On that day, no one showed up. Turns out the truck that was to deliver my carpet left without delivering because the back up of other deliveries was so long, they didn't want to wait. Then they lost my carpet after it was delivered. Then one day I get a curious call from a Lowe's rep asking me if I had carpet on order yet. What the heck? It was a mess from the get go. The manager told me they would credit me a discount but I never got it. I finally got my carpet installed, months later. On the first room, I ended up buying at a local mom/pop problems.

Never again will I purchase anything from Lowe's that isn't on the shelf. Even then, I try to give local shops my business if I can.

My latest carpet purchase I bought from a franchise called Nationwide Floor & Window. One of my past clients bought a franchise so I thought I'd give her an opportunity to quote. Her service was great, she drives a company van full of her samples and comes to your house. It was really convenient. I also wanted a runner for my stairs and she was able to have samples overnighted to me. The other two companies I went to was clueless about runners. Anyway, my carpet was installed in December and they did an A-1 job on a very difficult install. My DH was so impressed, he tipped the installers.

Click on the link below to see where I bought.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nationwide

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I had a bad experience buying carpet from Lowe's. We had them put a binding on and it took forever. Then, when it came in they never told us. We had to call them repeatedly. Very annoying. I've had a good experience with this rug company.

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Just at Lowes tonight. Minimal install is 280 bucks. Would be 160 for 225 feet. Will try a non lowes installer I know.

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Lowes seems to subcontract to the cheapest labor to do the installwork. Probably never heard of the CRI 105 standard for carpet installation. Googling for 20 seconds comes up with plenty of examples like

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Just wanted to say that I have worked at Lowe's for a couple years in the flooring department and let you all know that our installers are 100% guaranteed to your satisfaction. They are licensed, insured and have thorough background checks. Just make sure you talk to an experiences salesperson to explain everything and help you find the right carpet for the area and do some research on your own. From my experience when checking competitors pricing, Lowe's is always the least expensive!

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Wow....lots of different experiences. Usual for any business though. We have had a terrible experience with Lowe's on a carpet purchase/install. I found a great carpet to put in my dance studio waiting room. It was on sale for a wonderful price and had the padding attached. I was going to do this myself. I talked with the salesperson in carpeting and she tried to sell me tack strip. I went with carpet tape. Told her my exact measurements and proceeded to purchase and take the carpet home. I got it home rolled it out as far as I could. (500 lb. oak buffet in way) installed from the opposite end, tiled by the door on the end by the oak buffet. Husband came home, we moved the buffet, guess what carpet about 5-6 inches to short. Called and was told by the carpet lady that I must have given the wrong measurements, I pulled the receipt and said no I paid for the correct amount and didn't get it. She then accused me of cutting it to mess it up. I asked to speak to the manager. He proceeded to work it out with me and we ended up purchasing carpet for two other rooms. Great deal on install etc..... I paid $35.00 measuring fee which would come off of the $99.00 install. The subcontractor came out within a couple days, (things were looking up). I went in and paid for all the carpeting. Oh by the way was told that the padded carpet could never be installed with tack strip like she tried to have me do. Has to be taped or glued. I got a call saying that we now had to pay $800.00 for the glue down install that the special only worked for tack strip installation. I talked with the manager and got this resolved.

They came out about a week or so later to install the carpet.Prior to their arrival Lowe's called (the girl) and said that I needed to pay another $90 some dollars for glue. I refused. She said they may show up to install and not be able to. I assured her about all the problems and told her this would be done correctly. As they arrived they said so are we just doing 2 rooms. I said no 3....replacement of the waiting room, our living and bedroom. They proceeded to tell me there isn't enough carpet and it was discontinued. We had them go ahead and install the waiting room and the living room. After I called the manager and convenced him that he needed to find the carpet for us that matched. This took many weeks.

It came in on a Tuesday ( we just happened to be there), we weren't called until Friday. Then lets just say the carpet was installed wrong, had a huge mismatched section in the middle of the wrong where they put the seam. Many weeks later that was torn out and reinstalled. This lets see was from September 5, 2010 until Mid November 2010. We have taken pictures....there are puckers throughout all the rooms or ripples, the seems are fraying, looks horrible. We are meeting with the manager today to see what they can do. Good luck to all!

I am sure I missed putting the fact that several times the contractor cancelled then later we were told that Lowe's called them and told them we wanted to cancel. Who knows what a huge mess.

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Here's the thing with buying carpet from a box store. They are a profit based store not a customer service store my dad owns a furniture and flooring shop. We have been in business over 40 years and have developed a large base of loyal customers. I couldn't tell you how many times people have come in and said they were looking for carpet at lowes but were not getting questions answered or they were getting false information. Here are some things to consider when buying carpet. A number of carpet products from these box store are exclusive to them even the name brands like mohawk. The problem is there quality and service. We can usually cross reference there style number and find the exact same product. The difference is quality yes it will be a bit more expensive but we can work with the price more then they can. Most people in this economy are looking for the best price not the best quality. Then when they get the product they are disappointed. Why because of the hidden costs associated with the purchase. The cost for us to do an in home estimate and measurment $0.00. And most family owned shops are that way. We do have a minimum for installation our installation includes removal of old carpet pad and includes all supplies needed to do the job correct and includes labor. One price all included. The installers we use are not contractors they work specifically for us. They install flooring that's all they have been doing it from years they didn't have to go to some store based certificate program. They are up to date on all the latest techniques. Most mom and pop shops operate the same way. Also when a consumer comes in and picks out a style and color we order it that day no money down. Some shops may require money down but not usually. You are not required to purchase the carpet fully before it is ordered. Pay when the job is complete and its done to your satisfaction. Look the economy is in trouble and its not the chain stores that are suffering its the mom and pop shops that are barely getting buy and barely make enough to keep the lights on. Support your local business im willing to bet your overall experience will be better then that at lowes or home depot. Keep america the place we all love by supporting local businesses. If you have questions or concerns about your carpet buying experience feel free to ask I will answer all questions from the suppliers perspective I can tell you if you're getting a good deal or not all I ask in return is support your local business. Thanks and happy shopping.

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