Typical Cost of Oil Furnace Service?

jerry_njMarch 5, 2009

What should one expect to pay for a general "turn-up" annual service of an oil furnace. The furnace in question is about 20 years old and works, has been service a couple of years ago.

The price is most likely affected by the region, I'm in North Central NJ, about 60 miles South West of NYC.

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90 bucks here in Rhode Island.

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Thanks, that's a lot less than a local bid. We have a furnace with some burner problems and it may need a new "jet" or "atomizer" (whatever the device that sprays the oil into a vapor for ignition)...which would have to be added to the cost of a general annual tuneup. Still, if $90 is good enough for Rhode Island, then it seems the bid of $350 is a bit much.

Other inputs with some explaination would be helpful. Obviously it is time to get another bid.

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The correct name for that jet or atomizer as you call it is nozzle. And it should be part of the cost of a regular cleaning and maint. They only cost a few bucks wholesale and take about 5 minutes to change. If you haven't had the burner serviced in a few years you definately do need a new nozzle and filter core too. That should also be included in the basic price along with removel, inspecting and cleaning of the pump screen if it has one. If this chump wants to charge you 350 bucks for a basic cleaning and burner tune send him to somebody you don't like instead.

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In eastern PA, the cost is about $130.

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I can't tell you what it would cost as I did not see it. I believe the big variable here is the fact it has not been services in several years. Did he see it? Maybe there is more than meets the eye. If the unit is services every year it was a set price and if not we charged time and material. A unit without annual maintenance costs more to service than one thats been neglected.

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About $70-80 for normal service here in Massachusetts. They might be trying to sell you a new transformer, too. In my opinion, a transformer is not a preventive maintenance item; it's nothing but two coils of wire, and it either works, generating the needed voltage for ignition, or it doesn't. Is you're going to replace it as a preventive measure, you might as well replace the burner motor, blower motor if hot air, soleniods, etc., too.

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Thanks all... the furnace was serviced two years ago, the neighbor keeps the heat very low to say $$$ and figured that the fewer hours didn't justify every year service. The bid came from her regular service called because the nozzle was not working...would not fire up. This was driven by what seems to have been a botched job removing the in ground fuel tank and transferring the fuel into the new in basement tank...the fuel transfer of over 400 gallons seems to have included 20 years worth of "crap" in the old tank. That service had to come out twice to pump the new tank and lines to get the water/whatever out of the fuel. The last time they still couldn't get the furnace to light. I could see myself there is a strong spark, looking through the view-door there are several flashes per second (2 or 3 I'd guess). So, I think the ignition is fine. I was not there when the furnace technician was there. I'll ask what all he said need to be done. I do remember her saying with some stress in her voice $350 - and not being on oil heat myself I have no personal reference.

Thanks again, I appreciate the helpful advice/information.

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There must have been idiots on the tank transfer operation. I know there is a shortage of oil technicians/workers, but sheesh!

I would suspect the filter(s) before the nozzle. You may need several filters until everything settles out.

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I have had a good laugh in reading all but one of these posts.
Typical situation where nobody (except one this time) knows anything on a professional level (seemingly) and yet everyone answering as if they know something.

Bottom line, get a second quote if your unsure.

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