Fatigue mat on laminate flooring

Tropigal3December 9, 2011

I just got laminate installed to include the kitchen, which was against the recommendation. I had two fatigue mats, one at the stove and the other by the sink. I was told that it is not a good idea to put any type of tacky material on the laminate because it could permanently stick to it. I want and need to put some kind of mat in the two areas because I have foot problems. Also, I want to put area rugs in the family room, living room and at each door entrance but that will require me to add some sort of non-slide mat under each rug. Eeek! What do I do? I need suggestion from those of you who have laminate floors!

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I have had a gel pro mat on the laminate floor in my kitchen for several years, with no problems whatsoever. But there isn't any tacky material in a gel pro mat.

I think the only problem with the anti-fatigue mats would be if you get water (or something wet) underneath them and then don't clean it up, the wetness would probably warp the laminate pretty quickly.

I also have a regular area rug in front of a side entry door. I had to put an anti-slip mat on the floor under the rugs - without something anchoring them they slid out from under your feet pretty dangerously! (It made bringing groceries in quite exciting. :) ) Anyway, there is residue stuck on the laminate there from the rubber mat....but I've never even tried to clean it up, because I'll always have a rug there so I'm not too worried about it.

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Thanks patriceny!

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