Comcast phone service

gibby2015September 5, 2006

Does anyone have this - if so how is it? I have been thoroughly disgusted with Qwest for years and I can no longer stand to give them another penny. I don't think I'm quite ready to give up my land line - but I may go that route if I have to. I thought I'd try Comcast first but I only know one person who has it and he's not in my state. Does anyone have any firsthand experience with this - I'm talking about regular phone service not VOIP.

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Does Comcast offer standard phone service? I was about to say, "I have it!" but I do have it as VOIP. Hasn't been a problem at all for me, and I like that I have unlimited domestic long-distance (even if I don't need it much).

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Well - I thought it was "regular" since they've offered it for years before I started hearing much about VOIP. But maybe that's what it is. I talked to them about not getting the more expensive package with unlimited long distance and all kinds of other services I don't need or use - and they seemed to have to go down a different path to set that up. So maybe I would be getting "regular" service.

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I got a bundle package (cable, internet, digital phone) so I didn't have any option other than to take what they offer. I barely even use the house phone anyway so I don't use 3/4 of the options they give you. Wish I could help!

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Gibby ~~ I've had Comcast phone service for probably 3 years and I have no problems and no desire to change. Qwest will never be allowed in my home or in the company for which I work again!! I've found Comcast's customer service to be fantastic and the phone service works well. I seriously recommend them to all my friends (of course a part of that is due to my hatred of the Q company).

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Jean Popowitz

My only problem with VOIP is that I like to turn off my computer during severe weather. After I turn it off, I also switch off the surge protector. That effectively disconnects my phone. In that, I do miss having a land line.

The best feature in favor of VOIP, I believe, is that I can program my home phone to ring on my cell when I leave the house. No more waiting around for the "......" to return my call:-D

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Hmmm.....guess I need to figure out if it's VOIP or not. I turn my computer off often - so I wouldn't want my phone dependent on that.....I assume that means your phone also doesn't work if your power goes out???

Elizabeth - you expressed my sentiments exactly - about the Q company. I think I'll probably just try the C company and if that doesn't work out for some reason I'll just ditch the land line completely and get a third cell phone on the family plan to have as our home phone.

Can you cancel your land line and re-use that same phone number on a cell phone?

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Okay - I think I'm figuring it out - though Comcast doesn't exactly make it easy. They have Comcast Digital Phone (described as traditional phone service) and Comcast Digital Voice (which is VOIP). They don't offer Digital Phone on their web page or when you call to inquire.

I only got this by pressing the issue that I didn't want all the extra features and services that I would never use. The person I talked to finally acknowledged that there was another option for basic phone service plus caller ID and voicemail for $10 less per month than the all inclusive Digital Voice package deal.

Anyway - you all seem to have the digital voice/VOIP option - so who knows about this other thing. In any case, the Q company will no longer be allowed in my house - one way or another.

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I have comcast for my cable TV and use it as my ISP...
I love the speed for Internet usage. I'm not crazy about the customer service...Comcast will give you endless runaround if you try and downgrade your service. Period! It takes lots of insisting.
I would not use them for my phone service. I used to have Verizon...I got really, really tired of the high prices and constantly added new fees.
I started hearing about whatever I could get my hands on..
Cancelled my Verizon phone service that was supposed to be costing me 40 bucks and change, per month.. in truth, it was a lot closer to 50 bucks.
I chose Vonage VOIP... there are only 2 plans...mine costs 14.99 per month for 500 minutes, that includes long distance. The second plan costs 24.99 for unlimited minutes. That's the whole point with VOIP... there is really no such thing as a long distance. Vonage is starting to include lots of European cities as free calls with the 24.99 plan...I believe, that as they add more customers, all long distance calls will be included, no matter where in the world they are.
Anyway, I don't turn my computer off very often...and when I do, it is usually overnight, just to give it a rest.
Because of this... I had to check to see if my phone worked while my PC is turned off. It, certainly, does.
Comcast VOIP is priced way to high..IMO, they are counting on folks who haven't done research into VOIP. They know lots of folks will choose them simply because they use them for cable TV and Internet..and like the "ease" of one bill and get taken in by the multi use discount. That small discount doesn't begin to touch the savings from using Vonage. Likewise, Comcasts digital "regular" phone service is just as overpriced as the other phone companies. Verizon also has a bare bones phone service...not that you will ever, ever hear about it from a CSR...and if you mention it they will try and tell you it doesn't exist.
Anyway, I'm thrilled to have cut the *cord" from high priced phone companies. It is wonderful to see my monthly phone bill is 17.48 (total price with taxes and federal fees). Btw, both plans include lots of features.. free voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, etc.
Btw, Vonage VOIP service uses your regular, normal is a quick (and small) snap-on type device that attaches to your modem and PC.. comes with very easy illustrated instructions.. and there is no difference, at all, in sound quality. You might want to check out the website.

Good luck!


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Silly - how long have you had Vonage? I've heard VOIP doesn't identify your location if you call 911 (which I had to do once). Is that true?

Also - does anyone know if you can transfer your land line phone number to a cell phone?

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I've used Vonage for almost a year. When Vonage first came out 911 couldn't identify your address. It does doesn't go directly to 911 it is rerouted...but I have had to call 911 and there was no delay.

Vonage, pretty much, does everything a regular phone service does.. I have no landline backup phone service. DH does have a cell phone, though.


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DONE - Comcast in, Qwest out!! And the problem with noise on my phone line is gone - which is what finally pushed me over the edge with the Q company. It is apparently the traditional phone service installed by a guy not in a Comcast truck - nothing installed inside my house. The TV went black in the middle of a baseball game which was a little disconcerting to DH but phone, internet and TV all up and running now- YAY!! I can't believe I put up with the Qwest nonsense for so long - really dumb of me.

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