how long is chicken soup good?

vacuumfreakMarch 25, 2009

I made some chicken soup on Sunday, but I forgot to freeze some of it. How long can homemade soup be left in the 'fridge before it needs to be tossed?


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Freeze it tonight, it will/is fine for 5 days.


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It is hard to put a specific time to something like that because so much depends on how the food was handled. But as long as the chicken was thoroughly cooked, and all other things being equal, I agree with Nancy. When you heat it up, be sure to bring it to a rolling boil, and between the freezing and the boiling, unless something very unusual occurs, it should be just fine.

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Bobby, I've been known to keep soup for up to a week with no problems. After all you're going to boil it again anyway!

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I always use this rule of thumb, from Mark Bittman:

4-5 days in the fridge, longer if you boil it every third day.

I'm not sure how long "longer" is, but if I were you I'd boil it before and after freezing. Better to kill the chicken a bit than you!

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Thanks.... I am glad I didn't have to throw it away :o)

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