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weed30September 2, 2006

I adopted a new dog today, and I'm looking for ideas on a name. I posted on the pets forum, but the more the merrier.

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I looked at the suggestions on the pet forum and liked the idea of naming her after a glamour star of yore. Since she is so German shepherd-looking, how about Dietrich? You could call her Deetz or Dede for short. I am giving away my age by saying this, but the name Dietrich also makes me think of the character on Barney Miller, LOL, which isn't quite the glamour star image.

I'm thinking there was another German star, but I can't think what her name was...oh, I believe I'm thinking of Greta Garbo, but I think she was Swedish. Or maybe Hedy Lamarr--I think she was Austrian or Swiss. Anyway, Hedy or Greta would be cute too, but not really German, just glamour star names :)

Beautiful doggie! Have fun! BTW, who in the world would think of naming a German shepherd "Cupcake"?

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Weed, what did you call her when you first saw her?

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What a pretty dog...We had a white german shepherd when I was a kid - boy, did I love that dog! She shed alot was her only vice - white hairs back in the 70's on chocolate brown carpeting was not a pretty sight. Her name was Cheyenne - don't know how we came up with that one! I was about 8 when we got her and I remember painting her name on her dog house - Shy Anne! My mother's favorite story, as I had no idea how her name was really spelled and my middle name was Anne, so that was how I thought it should be spelled - can you tell I grew up learning to read phonetically?

Anyways, I digress...I love dogs and she looks like a Bree or Ella to me!

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To add to names like Taco and Maggie, how about "Sketti"? Which is what kids call spaghetti....

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seeking, I can only assume she was a tiny little thing as a pup, and some kid named her. Everyone who saw her yesterday asked her name, and when I said "I just adopted her, so I'm changing it, but it's Cupcake". They ALL either rolled their eyes or said, oh yeah, definitely change it! hehe.

adichristi...I just kept calling her sweetie or puppy, because I couldn't bring myself to say Cupcake :) Actually the few times the HS staff called her that, she didn't respond 100%, so I don't think she likes her name either!

carole -- LOL!!! I love that story!!

fairegold - cute! Not sure I could yell that effectively though ;)

I've got a list going over on the other thread.

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(I didn't read the other thread, so forgive me if I'm repeating.)

She's a gorgeous dog with a lovely face/smile!

How about Roxie?

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She looks like a Brandi to me.

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I'VE GOT IT!! I've been sitting here racking my brain for a name for her. I sat there looking at her pics for what seemed like hours (probably more like about 10 minutes!). I kept being drawn to her eyes. They're absolutely beautiful, but she's got a little bit of a "devilish" glint to em, like she could be a real practical joker. So I tried to come up with a name that would describe that kind of personality, without sounding detrimental, and it hit me--


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Bill, she's more devilish than you know....she peed on my rug today...not the carpet that I don't care about....the $1,000 rug. Then she scratched the top of my wood dining table. Oh, and also ripped the door on her would be crate and got out of it in about 2 minutes.


(I do like Pixie though!)

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We had a Pixie once... it's a wonderful name, but be prepared if she lives up to it as ours did! SOunds like she's already trying, tho.

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I believe fairegold is right and lots of dogs live up to their names. Would you consider "Mellow"?

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Or Dopey? Or Sleepy? Or Xanax?


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Xanax!!! LOLOLOL, fairegold!

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Xanax is for MOM!!!! hehe

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Bill, she's more devilish than you know

The reason I suggested it is because she reminds me very much of a full blooded shepard that "adopted" US when I lived in Florida. We used to leave the living room window open about 3-4" when we were up so we wouldn't have to play doorman to our cats, and this one particular saturday night, my ex and I both fell asleep watching late night movies. The next morning, my stepdaughter woke me up, shaking my arm, and pointing to the window. There, with her paws lopped over the sill, a BIG smile on here face and tongue hangin out, like "Hey!! What's for breakfast?!?", was this GORGEOUS adult german shepard. Other than looking a little "thin in the skin", she looked healthy, and well cared for, so we brought her in, and set out trying to find a home for her. We went to three different subdivisions going door to door to see if anyone had lost her (I know if she were my dog, I'd be heartbroken), placed adds in all the local papers, all to no avail, so we ended up adopting her right back. (we found out later from a Metro Dade cop that lived in our neighborhood that this was the newest craze in raising drug money for a couple of the local gangs-- they'd kidnap dogs that looked like they were worth something, and then try and sell them. If they couldn't they'd drop them off in subdivisions where they'd be sure to be found and cared for)

The reason your dog reminds me of her is because she used to LOVE to mess with me when we'd go for our daily walks. We'd be walking down the street, and I could actually SEE this same devilish glint come into her eyes, almost like she was gleefully contemplating what she was about to do, and within a few seconds, she'd step right across my path, right up against my legs, and stop dead. The first couple of times she did it, I wasn't expecting it, and went down in a heap, and we'd wrestle around for a bit. It was alot of fun, and after that it turned into a game-- kind of like a good natured test of wills.

She was way too big to be a "Pixie", though. So we named her after another trait that she had. Any time she'd come into a room, before she'd lay down, she'd walk around in a circle a few times (later I found out this goes back to her wolf heritage-- padding down her bedding), and then lay down, very prim and proper, with her head up, and ears in "alert status". So we named her, simply, "Lady".

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Hmmm...probably too late, but I'll add my .02!

What about "Serena"? In portuguese it means serene, in the feminine. My sister made her daughter's middle name Serena because she was just such a mellow, laid back little newborn...and now, it's just ironic!!! lol

My Choc. Lab. is named Anya. My daughter named her after the Disney movie "Anastasia". (Before she finds out she's the princess, she's called Anya, and has the most amazing green eyes, much like my lab.) :-)

I also have a TINY little chocolate poodle my daughter named "Butch". The funniest times where his first visit to the vet, and his first time at the groomer's. They still get a giggle every time we go actually!

Have you ever visited dogser dot com?


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LOL, Nat. We couldn't decide on a name for our puppy and went through several trial ones before my dd's had the epiphany of naming her Cricket (Daddy nixed Aurora). Cricket, aka "Cricky," is a sidekick in Mulan and is supposed to bring luck. It was the closest they could come to a princess name. Daddy was given naming rights and had already selected Shortcake, but everyone liked Cricket so much we switched it. She'd been Shortcake for about 5 days but she adjusted easily to the change. She'd been called Maggie by the shelter people so she was probably glad to finally get a name that stuck :) They'd not seen Anastasia yet or we probably would have had Anya on our list, too!

So, weed, have you picked a name yet?

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How about Rinty -- the all-time best german shepherd. Rin Tin Tin.

I had a cat named Kitty because i never could think of a name. My dog was Scruffy if you want to use that. My mom's dobies were named Rip.

Maybe Piddles? Gretel?

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Will we ever find out the new pup's name?

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I had to take her back :( The story is at the end of the thread linked below.

(But it was between Macey and Roxie)

Here is a link that might be useful: thread

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