Advice - Replacing one chipped porcelain tile in new floor

sillysimmsDecember 13, 2008

I just recently had a beautiful polished porcelain floor installed. It isn't cheap tile. The subfloor is concrete. We paid to have it installed on an angle and also paid to have concrete put down to level the floor since the concrete wasn't level after my husband ripped out the old tile that used to be there.

Yesterday, the condo superintendent came to our unit carrying his tool box and dropped it on the floor. This is strong tile, but the tool box was heavy and metal and he managed to put a chip in the brand new floor (put down 2 months ago).

The superintendent said we don't need to take out the tile, we need to put epoxy on the chip. I'm really upset. The chip is noticeable since the entire floor is shiny and beautiful, other than this one dull chip and the floor is new. I don't know anything about epoxy, but the floor isn't just one colour - it looks like marble and the place where the chip occurred isn't just a single colour, so I don't know what epoxy would look like. The superintendent said if we call our installer he'll tell us to use epoxy rather than replace the tile since one tile cannot be taken off a concrete floor without damaging other tiles.

Can anyone advise - can the tile be replaced? I'm going to call our installer, but he's away until after Christmas. I know it's just a chip, but it really bothers me to see it every time I walk in the house. Thanks for any advice.

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It's done all the time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crossville polished porcelain repair

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Thanks Jerry for the link and how to repair a tile. I hope my tiles do not chip when they are finally installed.

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