Show me photos of air switch mounted on the wall - asap

momasgenrlcontractorSeptember 16, 2008

My maintenance man comes tomorrow. I've asked him to move my GD air switch a few inches from the granite counter top to the wall. That way I'll use the hole in the granite for a second soap dispenser which I really want. He says the switch has a screw in the back and he's not sure how to mount it to the wall since he can't get behind it. He wants to see a picture of it done before, then maybe he'll figure it out. I've seen a photo here before. That's where I got the idea. Now I can't find it. Please help. He'll be here tomorrow. Thank you!!!

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Here is mine. The color blends better IRL its the camera flash. HTH

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Thank you so much. This helps. It's hard to tell by the photo if this is a full wall or a half wall. Do you know if there was a way to get behind the wall to install the switch? Thanks again. Your sink, faucet, granite, and backsplash are beautiful!

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It is an old plaster wall in an old house. My DH had to put a small hole in the plaster and fish up the tubing.And then the beadboard went on top. It is not hard to fix plaster or sheetrock so that the hole disappears. Your GC should be able to do that. I can do that!

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Thanks again for your feedback. I'll be sure to pass this on to him. It's reassuring that it's not too late to do it.

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CooperBailey - I was anxious for my contractor to see your photo today. However, he still doesn't know how to attach my air switch to the wall without permanantly attaching it to the tile backsplash that will be going up. He says if the switch would go bad the tile would have to be damaged to remove it. There is no way to get behind the wall since the sink cabinet is already installed and it has a solid back. The granite is in too. He has no problem fishing the tube up the wall but just can't screw the back of the switch on. Of course, this would not have been a problem if I thought of putting the air switch on the wall before my cabinets and granite were in. Any ideas? My tile backsplash goes up next week.

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Circus Peanut

Can't you plan the tile layout so that the hole falls within one tile entirely, then cut a round hole in that tile with a diamond hole saw? Then it would only mean removing that one tile if you ever need to switch it out.

I just took a look at my own air switch (not yet installed) and the mounting actually doesn't seem to involve any screws -- it uses a screw-on nut lug that tightens the switch against the wall from the back. If you use this kind, it should just require tiling up to the switch hole and installing the tile that has a hole/opening cut into it slightly smaller than the switch. Then open a larger piece of wall above that area, set the switch in place, reach down to fish the tubing and turn the nut to tighten. Then patch the wall, finish tiling above the switch, and you're done.

Here's a photo of mine:

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OK I asked my DH and he dictated to me what he did. He cut a hole in the wall for a junction box and ran bx conduit in the wall. Junction box is mounted flush with the wall. Ran the air line thru the conduit, which makes it fishable later for replacement. The air switch would need to mount in a tile. Drill a hole in the middle of the tile for the switch. Of course that would need to be broken out if the switch went bad. He should drill an exta tile for replacement. He will need to keep the size of your tile in mind as well as plan for the switch to be in the middle of a tile. I hope this is helpful to your contractor.

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Circuspeanut and cooperbailey - I appreciate your photo and ideas. This will be helpful to show my contractor. Thanks for your direction.

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