Hardwood floor finish

KiawahfanDecember 14, 2011

We have just had our hardwood floor refinished as part of a kitchen remodel. We were originally told that the refinish work was done but we told the contractor that we thought it needed another coat because you could still feel the grain and none of the floors in other rooms felt that way. It also looked very flat. After some discussion, he agreed to have the subs come back and do another coat of polyurethane.

This was done while we were away. When we returned four days ago the

refinishing had been done, but we immediately noticed that the floor was

full of scuff marks and scratches. It looks more worn than the wood floor that is the same color that was installed in adjoining rooms five and a half years. We walk on that flooring without rugs daily.

Also, We noticed that there are areas that appear to have been gouged and a soft, gummy material has been used to fill them in.

Can anyone tell me what you think might be wrong with our finish? I'm wondering whether they just put wax down rather than polyurethane.Does that seem like a possibility? Also, can anyone comment on the standard for repairing gouges? I would think those boards should be replaced. Does that seem right?

We are meeting with the contractor Friday morning, so would really appreciate any thoughts.


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