Smartstrand - a little dissapointed

jennifer_in_kansasDecember 3, 2011

Earlier this week we had Smartstrands Intelligent Style 60oz plush installed on most of our first floor. I'm upset by 2 things:

  1. You can see every footprint and mark. You can even see the little toe pads on the kitty paw prints. Seriously.

  2. My beloved Hoover Wind Tunnel vacuum doesn't work on this carpet. It isn't tall enough so its difficult to maneuver, and the beater bars leave major stripes.

I'm sure there are experts out there reading this and saying "Duh!". As a first time carpet purchaser, who thought she researched the heck out of carpets, I'm bothered by these revelations.

I spoke to my local, trusted vacuum store and they stated I'm not the 1st customer with this plight. They said I now need a suction-only canister vacuum and possibly even a rake (whoa, bad flashback). Apparently even if I could turn off the beater bar there wouldn't be enough suction to really clean the carpet.

As a quick fix for the vacuum we added a screw + 3 washers to raise the height. It's hard to explain so I've attached a picture.

I highly suggest anyone purchasing carpet ask the store for a large piece of the carpet for in-home testing. The small color sample doesn't do it, nor does the idea that a textured carpet will hide marks better.

I just wanted to share my experience but comments/questions are welcome.


Screw and washers raising the height adjuster on the vacuum

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We've got the Smartstrand, too. We have a Dyson vacuum (with the beater bar) and it is harder to push than with our previous carpet & leaves "stripes" but not as bad as yours. The Dyson must sit higher. Yes we get footprints easily too. For me, the stripes aren't a big deal (at least you know I vacuum) and the footprints blend in over the course of a few paths through the room. IMO, these are small potatoes to deal with to have the stain & crush resistant features of this carpet & most of all the utter softness of it--nothing else compared. I would try out a few different vacuums on it & see which one works best for you & your new carpet. Take the ones that don't give you the results you desire back to the store. Just my $0.02.

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