help needed to choose a new hvac for 10 year old home in cary, nc

finnickyaboutgreenMarch 28, 2012

Hi all,

My old HVAC system had died out. Please can you help me choosing the correct system. I live in NC where heating is generally needed for 3 winter months while cooling is needed over 5-6 summer months.

Carrier Options: Pricing includes Duct transitions and connections to existing ductwork, gas piping as required, new equipment pad, new rain, shield and miscellaneous materials. 10 years compressor and parts guarantee; 1 year labor guarantee and 1 year preventative maintenance warranty; 2-5 year labor warranty is $367; 2-10 year labor warranty is 799.

Option SEER Dual fuel package Indoor Fan speed Model NO. Thermostat control Net price (after all rebates, tax credits etc.)

1 14.5 no Fixed 48VL Performance Series- Gas Pack Thermidistat $5747

2 14.5 yes Fixed 48VT Performance Series- Hybrid Heat Thermidistat $6907

3 15.0 no Variable- 2 stage 48XL Infinity Series- Gas Pack Infinity $6315

4 15.0 yes Variable- 2 stage 48XT Infinity Series- Hybrid Heat Infinity $8317

Trane Options: Pricing includes reconnecting new unit to the existing ductwork, high-voltage wiring, low-voltage wiring and gas line, Installing carbon monoxide detector(s), as required; Installing digital, programmable thermostat; getting the work inspected by the Town; recommends installing a $400 "Aprilaire" high-efficiency air cleaner (Model#2210); 10 Year Extended Labor Warranty available through Trane. (Add $425.00); free one year labor warranty on installation only. All equipment and parts 10 year warranties as per the manufacturer.

Option SEER Dual fuel package Indoor Fan speed Model NO. Net price (after all rebates, tax credits etc.)

5 14 no Variable- 2 stage 4YCY4036A1075 $5330

6 16 yes Variable- 2 stage YCZ6036A1075 $6250

7 14 yes Variable- 2 stage Trane XL14c EarthWise Hybrid $6390

8 16 yes Variable- 2 stage XL16c offers up to 16.60 SEER $6260

I feel option 8 of trane is the best bcaz high 16 SEER- has hybrid heat option and variabel speed and of course the right price. Do I really need the $400 aprilair air cleaner- what such a thing helps to do? Is trane a better brand then Carrier. We have good contarctors for both in our area though much more for TRANE.


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Before I answer, please tell me your electric rate and nat gas rate. I assume this is nat gas service, correct?

You are replacing a three ton package system?

All the systems quoted are three ton units?

This is a primary home?

Post back.


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Yes- I am replacing an existing 3 ton 10 seer unit with another 3 ton unit- got a manual load calculation done and it came out at 3 tons. This is indeed our primary home and we try to be energy conscious as a family. In summer our thermostat stays at 78 during day and 82 at night. In winter 65 is highest we go to during the day and at night this is turned down to 61. The unit does not run all the times - only if we are at home.
The natural gas rate in our region is $0.89/therm and electric rate is 10.53 cents/KWH. Our higher end gas bills are on average $ 150/ month for 2 coldest months per year. We have electricity bills around $225/month for 4 hottest summer months/year.

Hope this helps. Thanks so much in advance for any input of yours.

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Your Carrier prices for dual fuel are way too high so that makes option 8 the best. I'm a little surprised how cheap option 8 is.

Dual fuel is great and doesn't appear to be costing you anything.

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I have to agree with you david cary, I am surprised that option 8 is the least expensive. In my opnion Trane better than carrier and are more expensive
Beside the brand, and if you have confident in the contractor, go for option 8. As for Aprilaire, GO FOR IT TOO. Aprilaire 2210 is one of the best filters out there. since you are replacing the system, now is the best time to get it. Good luck

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I generally agree with the remarks from the previous post.

It should be noted that on a BTU basis, the operating cost between HP and nat gas is basically a wash. See below.

Cost per 100,000 btu of useable heat
Heat pump: $1.10
Natural gas:$1.09

Like the other posters, I am surprised about the price of the XL16c and I also prefer the Trane over the Carrier package units. I would recommend
a new lineset. What thermostat has been proposed? It makes a I would want an outdoor thermostat to control the switch point between HP and nat gas. What size furnace is available for the 3 ton dual fuel unit?

I would add the Ext warranty and a whole house air filter cabinet. Perhaps you might ask about the HW Mdl 200.

If you have any hot/cold spots within home, now is the time to address. How many returns does your home have? You want to be certain they are sized correctly, located strategically for best airflow and overall comfort.


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Thanks so much everyone for your inputs. I will ask as many questions, as suggested by you all, as I can to the contractor. The only confuson i still have is about the Aprilare and whole house filter cabinet- i am waiting on contractor's response to that partcular one.

Thanks once again to you all- kind of reassures me that I am making the right choice.

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AprilAire and Honeywell Mdl 200 are whole house air filter cabinets!

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Oh- ok- thanks so much tigerdunes!

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What option did you go with? I'm also from Raleigh, are you pleased with your contractor? Please share the contractor's contact info. Thank you very much for your help.

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