Good quality prefinished solid oak in the $5/sf range,?

demeronDecember 31, 2010


Columbia? Used Mirage in the past and loved it but $7/sf is a little steep for this project. We looked at Lumber Liquidators but I am not liking the reviews I am seeing. Ditto the Bruce from Home Depot. Suggestions? We are trying to come close to our site-finished flooring in the hallway-- doesn't have to be a perfect match, just want something that will install nicely (we'll be doing that part) and hold up well.

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It's killed my message twice!

Just wanted to say we were VERY happy with the 1,500 sf of White Mountain (house-label?) solid white oak we bought and installed from Hosking Hardwoods about three years ago. The retailer was very prompt and professional, prices was *very* competitive (about $3.25/sf) and the product quality was far better than I expected at that price point: Long average board length, even coloration, tight grain, excellent milling. (Milled in Canada, not China.)

I would not hesitate to recommend them and plan to buy more wood from them when we need it.

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I will tell you there a lot of milling issues going on right now with manufacturers that we never had problems with. online sales would concern me a little more right now then it would have even 6 months ago. We see and sell a lot of wood and have had back to back to back issues with different manufacturers just producing poor quality boards. Some finish issues but mostly over lap issues and inconsistent widths. We had to fight like heck with the one manufacturer and threatened not to pay them on 20000 dollars worth of wholesale premium quality wood for a high end customer. If that would have been an online company, everyone involved would have been up the creek more than likely. Just something to gnaw on.

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Floortech, I wonder if you know of any makers that still do a good job with the flooring for you? Our next large project will probably be to remove our whole house wall to wall carpet and get hardwood. I have leaned toward having engineered wood installed, but have read so many bad reviews that I don't know if we should do this.

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